Container Planting Workshop May 15

Chamber Workshop 2016

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The Bedding Plants are Here!


The Bedding Plants are in Apr 2016

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Grade 6/7 Bake Sale This Thursday

bake sale

The Grade 6/7 class is having a bake sale this Thursday (April 28th) in the Plaza to raise money for their end of the year field trip, and also to bring fresh clean water to communities in need.
Their teacher, Ms. Lena Watt wants to bring their mindset from ME to WE.
Bake sale will be held from 4:30 pm to 6:00pm.
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Professional Family Looking For Home to Rent

Hello! I am a young, professional female newly moved to Gold River to work for the school district.
I am needing to find a 2 or 3 bedroom house or townhouse to rent by May 13th, 2016. It would need to be pet friendly as I have two little, well-behaved dogs.
Please contact Brettney Howard at brettneyhoward [at] hotmail [dot] com or Jeff Howard at (250) 686-4921 to discuss further.
Thank you for reading! I hope to hear from you soon.
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Bake Sale Wednesday April 27

Bake Sale

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Revellers Annual Prawn Dinner May 7

MAY 7, 6PM
CALL: GABRIELLA 283-2281 OR ANNE 283-2653
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Emergency Preparedness Week May 1 – 7

Via Brenda Patrick

Emergency Preparedness Week is always the first full week of May. A presentation to educate and inform on emergency preparedness will be held on Wednesday, May 4th 2016, 7:00 pm at the former site of the Manilla Grill.

Everyone is welcome, and there are some very nice door prizes to assist you in your future personal planning and preparedness! Please watch for some suggested items available at your local retailers.

Build an Emergency Kit

Creating a home emergency kit doesn’t need to take long. Just follow the basic list below and store your collected supplies in an easy to access location.

• First-Aid kit
• Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
• Flashlight and extra batteries
• Whistle to signal for help
• Cellphone with charger (in case you are able to leave Gold River)
• Cash in small bills
• A local map with your family meeting place identified
• Three-day supply of food and water
• Garbage bags
• Dust mask
• Seasonal clothing and footwear

Grab-and-go Bag

In addition to having one at home, create grab-and-go bags for your work and vehicles that contain:

• Food (ready to eat) and water
• Flashlight and batteries
• AM/FM radio
• Medications
• Seasonal clothing
• Blanket
• Cell phone charger
• Pen and notepad
• Personal toiletries
• Small First-Aid kit
• Extra pair of glasses or contacts
• Cash in small bills
• Local map with your family meeting place identified
• Whistle

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Camera Club Meeting Tonight

Gold River Camera Club Meeting at the Vault, 7:00 pm on Tuesday April 26, 2016.
Members bring your photos for the Antler Lake contest. Everyone is welcome to attend and join our club for free where you can learn all about photography from some very gifted local photographers. Or if you are one of those gifted photographers, then please come and help those who need it and those of us who can always learn more
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Mother’s Day Specials at the Golf Course

Mother's Day Golf Course

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Gold River, Mowachaht / Muchalaht, Tahsis Sign Shared Vision Statement

Signing of Shared Vision Statement

Left to Right: Mayor Jude Schooner (Village of Tahsis) Tyee Ha’wilth Mike Maquinna (Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation) Mayor Brad Unger (Village of Gold River)

Via CivicInfo BC

Gold River, Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation, Tahsis

GOLD RIVER – On Thursday March 17, 2016, the Village of Gold River, along with the Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation and the Village of Tahsis signed a shared Vision Statement solidifying their commitment to work together to enhance the well-being of each community and the region.

This historic step forward unites the three communities by enabling collaborative participation through shared values, respect and a newly established working relationship. The new relationship will strengthen their ability to pursue business and economic development strategies for the betterment of their residents, members and businesses.

The Vision Statement states, in part:

“We are progressive communities that share a desire to responsibly manage our natural resources in a manner that will stimulate new business opportunities and develop a diversified economy whilst always respecting each other.”

“This is a defining moment in the long history of the Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation. This Vision Statement reflects the truth of the respectful, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our valued Tahsis and Gold River neighbors,” said Chief Mike Maquinna of the Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation Council of Chiefs.

“Revitalizing our local and regional economy in a sustainable way requires working closely with the Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation and the Village of Tahsis. We know that open and meaningful relationships are fundamental to our economic growth,” said Mayor Brad Unger of Gold River.

“We are stronger together than apart,” said Mayor Jude Schooner of Tahsis. “We have put into our daily lives the relationship and reconciliation that is often talked about but not always delivered. We have done it here.”

The communities will now work on a Co-operation Agreement to implement key aspects of the Vision Statement.

The Vision Statement was a product of a series of Community to Community meetings made possible by funding from the Government of British Columbia.

Michael McGee, Administrator
Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nation
(250) 283-2015

Larry Plourde, Administrator
Village of Gold River
(250) 283-2202

Mark Tatchell, Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Tahsis
(250) 934-6344


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Mother’s Day Golf Tournament May 7

Mothers Day Golf Tournament

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Mother’s Day Tea & Bake Sale May 8

Mothers Day Tea

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Bodybuilder to start Muscle Warfare in Gold River

Via Jerry West & The Record
Marlee Koob

By Trish Weatherall

What started as a way to get back into pre-baby shape has grown into a passion, a way to help others, and a new business for 24-year-old Gold River resident Marlee Koob.

“After having my son, I was motivated to get in the best shape of my life,” said Koob. “I knew I wanted to grow my career in fitness and motivate others by proving that if I could do it, they could too!”

In July 2015 she set a goal to compete at the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic bodybuilding competition n the bikini division in March 2016.

Her past fitness experience helped: she has worked as a lifeguard, taught fitness classes, was a regular runner, and did some moderate weightlifting. But she had never put in the kind of grueling work required to compete with bodybuilders.

For 9 months leading up to the March 19th competition at Massey Theatre in New Westminster, Koob did 6 days of lifting, 5 days of cardio, and 20 minutes of daily posing practice – dedicating about three hours total throughout the day.

“Some days I only slept about 3-4 hours,” she said. “I would work teaching fitness classes, swimming lessons, and lifeguarding until 9 pm every night, go home and prep my fitness classes for the next day, go to bed, and wake up at 4 am to do cardio and weight training before my son woke up.”

She also spent a day or two meal planning, food prepping, portioning, and labelling a strict diet of lean protein, complex carbs (like rice), and fibrous carbs (vegetables). No dairy, sugar or processed food.

She admits it has been tough at times.

“I’ve had countless barriers thrown in my path, including a broken foot, a kidney infection, and a husband who works away for four weeks at a time. Honestly, there are days where I just felt there was no way I could continue,” she said. “But I started this journey with a goal in mind and I won’t stop until I reach it. Knowing that there was a reason for this madness and being grateful for my opportunities, job, health and family is what drove me to continue.”

She works with coach Tamara Knight, one of Canada’s top bodybuilders and owner of TZone Fitness in Vancouver. They communicate by phone and text, and Koob sends daily photos in specific poses so that Knight can evaluate her progress and fine tune her workouts.

“A good coach is really important,” says Koob, “Tamara is sincere, genuine, and a bit scary. She’s one of the best in North America.”

Koob competed in March’s Muscle Classic, and after a few weeks break from her competitive diet and exercise program, she is back in training for the October Iron Ore competition in Prince George.

Right now Koob is also busy renovating the space for her new fitness studio in Gold River, opening in May. Previously, as Beastmode Fitness, she contracted her bootcamp classes out to other locations. Now her own location, Muscle Warfare Studio on Nimpkish Drive, will offer personal training in small groups by appointment. Classes will be mainly military-style, and she hopes to incorporate yoga in the future. She already has 30 women and 25 teens enthusiastic to join her.

“The average person doesn’t have to work out as much as I did in training for competition,” she said. “I’ve seen girls lose up to 40 pounds coming to my bootcamp class.”

She says her classes and the studio will have “young vibes”, and working with youth is another passion. She has volunteered as assistant coach for the Gold River girls’ soccer team, and though she admits she has never played soccer herself, she is happy to help with the fitness side of training. She is also partnering with a youth drug and alcohol counsellor to work with teens on fitness and lifestyle choices.

“The biggest benefit of living a healthy lifestyle is having an outlet for stress,” she says, “feeling great mentally, emotionally, and physically, and learning so much about myself along the way.”

Beyond the personal benefits, Koob hopes to inspire others to work for their goals.

“Competing has given me a platform to share my experiences and views, and help empower people to excel in all facets of life, whether they lift or not,” she says. “And in the long haul with enough effort, many goals can be achieved and obstacles overcome.”

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Gold River Rod & Gun Open House May 7

Rod & Gun Open House

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X-Ray Department Closed May 2 – June 13

Xray Closure

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Hockey Pool Fundraiser Winners

hockey pool fundraiser winners

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Free Bricks

Free bricks at 532 Dogwood Drive. Come pick them up yourselves!
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Aquatic Centre Programs & Schedule Spring 2016

The Aquatic Centre Programs and Schedule are also always under the Pool Schedule/Maps tab at the top of the page for your convenience.
Spring 2016 Pool Schedule

Spring 2016 Pool Schedule

Spring 2016 Programs

Spring 2016 Programs

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Junior Golf Starting in May



Junior Golf will start up again in May running through the end of June on Monday nights and Wednesday depending on what age group and skill level you are at. Anyone aged 7-16, boys and girls are welcome to come out and play.
Clubs will be provided if you don’t have any. Each golfer signed up and paid will receive a wind up meal, skills challenge event, and prizes.

Cost will be $30 plus all non-members will pay $5 each to the golf course each day they are at Juniors Night. If any junior wants to join the Golf Course- ages 7-11 year round membership-$139.10 unlimited golf. Ages 12-18- $224.50 all taxes and BCGA golf membership included-unlimited golf. (membership NOT required for Junior golf)

Come out and have some fun, test your skills! Call David Lightle at 250-283-9030 or the Golf Course at 250-283-7266 to register.

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Diana Waterman Passes


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