If you are Reading this, I am no longer in Pain.

Inspector Jason J Fiddler

RCMP’s Finest Inspector Jason Fiddler

I scheduled this post a couple days ago so it would automatically appear to late to save me.

Some of you may know the difficulties I have had in my 20 years of marriage, but no one has any idea how bad it was.  Lying, manipulation, control, emotional abuse, etc.  Plus the multitude of cheating – I’m sure I don’t know a 10th of what when on. Some of you may also think I had a fabulous life, but don’t forget – you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Jason will of course tell a totally different story, as usual.

I have been on and off antidepressants all my life and constantly since 2007.  Jason didn’t help, didn’t have any sympathy, and in fact made fun of me and my “crazy pills”.  You’d think a husband would be concerned and want to help his wife get better, but mine didn’t.  He was mad that I laid on the couch crying and didn’t give him any “attention”. (Narcissism at it’s finest) I talked to Jason tonight (wrong thing to do, I know) and he told me I was “bat shit crazy” and a”terrible Mother”. He said I have devastated my children from my illness.  All I’ve ever had for the last 21 years is Mikayla and Kristanna, and to hear how he considers the kind of mother I am/was in his “oh so Fatherly and Family Man opinion” has wrecked me and is the last straw.

You would think that an RCMP Inspector would know how to identify these depressive symptoms in criminals and others, which he can, (they take courses) but for some reason he didn’t bother with me.

I have now suffered so much that my brain does not function properly.

I have seen (and still have seen) therapists, Doctors and Psychiatrists. All the while (year and a half) trying to divorce Jason – and I offered a very fair deal I might add.  He will disagree but the Supreme Court does not.  I have attempted suicide three times and have thought about it constantly since 2007.

We were set to go to trial in January, then February, then April and now maybe May. Major crimes likes murders, rapes and other horrific things trump a divorce.  I can’t carry on for eight months more.

Some may think we had a lot of money but really we had very little – Jason liked his toys, trucks, vehicles, RV’s. Seadoo’s, women, etc.  We have always been thousands and thousands of dollars in debt.


Some tidbits (since I am feeling very angry about his comments on the phone).

Jason failed his RCMP test twice. He had to use his Metis status to get into a smaller amount of applicants so his low score made the cut.  He also failed the eye exam. Dr Neidermeyer (retired now, Father to both famous hockey players) helped Jason fake the eye test:  “Is that a Q or is that really a P?” He passed him. Three years later the RCMP Optometrists could not believe how much Jason’s eyesight had deteriorated, so you as tax payers picked up the bill for eye surgery. ($4000+)

In Iqaluit where his now, the Inspectors and above have a little con going.  When you hit the Inspector rank you are allowed to bank your holiday time and then get paid out in cash.  The scam is that if a member has to take a course in Ottawa or Toronto, he takes an extra week or two and this does not come out of his holiday pay.  So in essence, members get paid double time to go on holidays – regular pay for their extra away time and then a payout for the holidays they have banked. So they actually get double time for holidays. Anyone else get that?

Jason has often called his Superior officer a d*ke because she doesn’t like him and doesn’t think his work is up to par. They all laugh about her in the mess. (Or use to if she is even still there)

Also – NUMEROUS racial remarks and “accents” have been made by Jason and other members about First Nations’s here in Gold River, Ahousaht and Iaqualit.  In fact, he said the Inuit were the dumbest people he had ever come across.

Morris McNally made a complaint when Jason first arrived here in Gold River about a marijuana grow up he saw in his helicopter (and recognized the two men down there in the middle of the grow op).  He reported this right to Jason, but it went totally un-investigated – no file # created, no word said to any other member. Only Jason knew. He brought the file home (with photos) and it sat there for years in our filing cabinet until I finally told him to get rid of it.  I sure wish I had photocopied it. They were members of the detachment so he hid it.

From our post in Hope from 1997 – 2000, Jason’s fellow officers had yet another scam going.  Since there was a small reserve that they attended about 10% of the time, they wrote down a fake First Nation’s number on their income tax and got 10% of their taxes back.  Fast forward to Boston Bar (our next posting).  Jason claimed (same fake number) around 30% of time spent on the reserve, so 30% of taxes back.  Next was Kyuquot.  He claimed around 60% I believe because he didn’t want to arouse suspicion.  Again, 60% percent of taxes paid back to him. Next came Ahousaht – a 900 person reserve north of Tofino.  We were about the only non First Nation’s people there. Jason claimed 80% (do you know how much money this was? thousands) with his fake number on his taxes and we got a whole pile of money back. I am a doormat and did nothing.

This is just Jason – other members are the same or worse.  Yes – (in other detachments) sex with guards while on duty, sex in police cars, drinking on the way home(in his police car) from work after grabbing a six pack for the road, and then driving by an accident because he knew he couldn’t stop.  He was reported and told his boss what happened and he said (no kidding) – “good call”.  RCMP members are probably 95% honourable and honest, but there are always a few who figure out how to play the system. (I suppose there is in every job and profession) Jason’s even gone to a stabbing call drunk in Ahousaht and had to call in other members – protect and serve hey? Hopefully they’re sober.

So this is my life, my story. Everyone tells me to be strong, but now the trial date has moved from Jan to the end of May – maybe if we’re lucky!

I hope this makes Jason suffer for the rest of his life. I highly doubt it though. (His Narcissism will relieve him from that) and I’m sure the RCMP therapists will tell him it’s not his fault, but it is.  He’s lied and cheated on me since the girls were toddlers and never stopped.  Thank god I caught the HPV virus early or I would be dealing with cancer because my husband couldn’t even think of protecting his wife when he was cheating.


Well Jason, I guess you’ll get what you always wanted – MONEY. What did Bill Miller say years ago? “The best revenge is to live well.”  You may feel bad for a bit but all that money and your full pension will make you and your new girlfriend and her kid very ecstatic I’m sure.  I’m SO GLAD (insert sarcasm here) that you’ve maybe finally grown up and want to be a proper and respectable man.  Too bad you couldn’t do that for your own family.  Oh, by the way Miss Girlfriend – Jason said he had no choice but to move in with you to save money, and when I mentioned your young son and that Jason never wanted anymore children, he let out a big sigh and said ” I know, I don’t know what to do”. Good luck honey.


This was the time in our lives when Jason spent most of his days off with the other “single” members in the bars in Chilliwack, the Shark Club in Vancouver and who knows where else.  These two beautiful little girls were at home when Dad was in the bar living it up.

Kristanna & Mikayla

Kristanna Jaye and Mikayla Dawn


Jason failed his RCMP test twice.  Not until they put him into the Metis status group so he could fall into a smaller amount of applicants and his low score then made the cut did he get in. He couldn’t pass his eye exam either – his eyes were terrible, so Dr Neidermeyer (retired now – father of the famous hockey players) helped him out. “Is this a “P” or a “Q”?  He passed him. Three years later at an exam, the RCMP optometrists couldn’t believe his eyes had deteriorated so quickly.  So Jason got laser eye surgery at a cost to the tax payers of around $4000.

Oh – I have to mention this.  In Ahousaht, all the members were out on the far beach drinking and having a picnic. They tied the RCMP boat up to the rocks a ways across the bay (water was calm at this point).  All of a sudden the waves picked up and the boat crashed again and again into the rocks. They had to get the Coast Guard to rescue the boat and fixing it was a mere $65,000. Taxpayers paid the bill again.

There are two Jason Fiddlers – one many of you probably think is the greatest and fun and cool.  Many more of you know the truth.


To my daughters – this is excruciating to write.  All I ever had since I was 22 was you two – you were my life. Nothing else mattered to me. You have grown into such amazing and intelligent young ladies – I am SO proud of you, and am so very sorry for the times I hurt you. Don’t let this agonize you – I hurt too much and can’t make it stop. Just remember that I’m not in pain anymore and dad can’t hurt me anymore. I don’t think it’s selfish – I’m finally going to be free of the pain. I pray you find wonderful husbands (NOT like your Father) and have amazing families.  I dream about Derri all the time and sometimes even see her out of the corner of my eye, so I know she’s with me. I will always be with you and watching over you – forever.  I’m sorry – I’m so guilt ridden I can’t even bring myself to write anymore. I can’t see the keyboard. I love you both to the moon and back. <3 <3


I’m sorry Mum – I’m not strong like you. I’m not a Graham woman. I am weak and have been formed that way over years by men. Please be strong for the girls – they will need you.  I love you very much – you were a wonderful Mum and gave me everything I wanted and more.  Well, except for the horse. :)

—————————————————————————————————————————————-Auntie Delva – you have been my rock and support for so long – I can’t begin to thank you for never judging.  I feel so guilty because you lost a daughter and here I am with a roof over my head, a little bit of money in the bank and some pop tarts in the cupboard. (inside joke) Thank you for the fun trips you took me on even though Uncle John usually yelled – especially when I announced that we are now in Montana and don’t have to wear seat belts.  (this was many years ago and no one was happy with me except for the kids, lol.)  I love you forever, and if I can I will visit you like Derri visits me.


Well old Rose, I don’t even know what to say.  You have been my best friend for 15? years. We’ve had some pretty great times, hilarious times and some sad times too.  You were my rock even though it got so bad at the end. I will miss you and all your funny and often inappropriate jokes.  Always wear your tiara and jewelry for your birthday ok and think of me. Have a wonderful time as a Grandma – I hope it’s a girl for you to dress up and put ribbons in her hair.  Kathy – the house key will be where it always is (mail key too – box 852) – Tyra has offered lots of times to help so maybe you can take turns with the cats for a while and then give them to Ms. Folkins.


Carol – you have been more support than you can ever imagine  – even though I refused it most of the time.  Keep supporting women – that’s what you were made to do I think.  And love that cute little Ashyia until she can’t handle it anymore. xo


Residents of Gold River – I don’t think you have any idea how much you have meant to me.  I’m a very good faker and would always go downtown with a smile on my face and chat with anyone who would listen.  I love this town – it is home.

I want to be buried here, no cremation please.  Just put loving mother of Mikayla and Kristanna on the tombstone and maybe some Gerber daisies etched in too – they’re my favourite. Oh, and I’m not religious (more a Mother Earth kind of girl) but if Darla could do the service I would love it. She has such a beautiful and calming voice and I fell in love with it. :)  Please don’t put a photo of me anywhere – I hate the way I look and I hate myself. And I don’t want Dad anywhere near my funeral or my house – he’s still not allowed in – Kathy has the key.  Girls – take what you want and sell anything else.

Mikayla, Kristanna, Mum, Kathy, Auntie Delva, Carol, Melony,  I’m so sorry, but I cant wait until the end of May or later to take on the big ego of Inspector Fiddler in Court – he always wins no matter what.  And he says he has a whole crew of lawyers coming – something about case law for wives that sit and do nothing while collecting (partial) spousal.  I’m terrified to sit there for four days.

Jason always wins.  And you hit the jackpot this time didn’t you Jay? You were the worst mistake of my life.

I do NOT want Jason anywhere near my funeral (if he even bothers).  Chris McGee, please remove him if he does show up. And I have a court order that he is not allowed to set one foot on this property.

(And for God’s sake Villoy, if you see a spelling mistake, please ignore it lol. :)

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Mmmmm Chocolate Covered Almonds


Hi everyone ! The Skate Club is having their annual chocolate almond blitz this coming Thursday! Please get your Twoonies ready!
Thank you for support our skaters!
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Fall Back Nov 1st

Ok – I think I got it right this time (click to enlarge):

Fall back

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Rod & Gun Monthly Meeting Oct 13th

Gold River Payroll Scan001 (1)

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Moe’s Concession will be closed until October 16th.

Moe’s Concession at the Arena will be closed until October 16th.
We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Found: Echo Chainsaw Blade Sheath

Found on the road to Tsaxana near the sub station, one echo chainsaw blade sheath. The owner of the Cinderella chain saw can contact me and get it back.
Jerry West – 283-7396 or record [at] island [dot] net.
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Tea in Memory of Joyce Pimlott Oct 24th

Joyce Pimlott

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SD 84 Public Meetings

Notice to all Parents, Students, Staff,
and Community Members of
School District 84
(Vancouver Island West)
Public meetings will be held to discuss:
· District Review of Students, Facilities and Staff
· Current Learning Opportunities
· Future Learning Opportunities
· Cost Pressures
· Questions and Feedback
The meetings are scheduled as follows:
· October 26, 2015 – Kyuquot Elementary Secondary School, 6:30-8:00 pm;
· October 27, 2015 – Zeballos Elementary Secondary School, 4:00-5:30 pm;
· October 28, 2015 – Captain Meares Elementary Secondary School, 6:30-8:00 pm;
· October 29, 2015 – School Board Office in Gold River, 6:30-8:00 pm.
You are encouraged to participate.
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School Board Meeting in Tahsis Oct 13th

AT 3:30 PM AT
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Ryder Hawkins Band Performing at Ridge Oct 9th & 10th

The Ridge is very pleased to announce that the Ryder Hawkins Band will be performing October 9th and 10th at The Ridge. This uptempo band plays a wide selection of popular hits as well as some original tunes as well. It promises to be a great weekend of music, food and fun.
The music starts at 6:30.
For more information visit The Ridge facebook page or their website, www.theridgeroadhouse.com
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Elections Canada – Official Information for the October 19th Federal Election

Suzanne Trevis gave some very good information in a comment on this post, so I wanted to share to everyone was aware:

“Another important thing people should know – you can not vote in a riding other than your own unless you arrange to do so BEFORE the advance poll gets underway (October 9). In the past, if you have been away from home and voting, you have been able to fill out a form saying you are voting outside of your home riding. This election you CAN NOT do that. If you are away from home after October 9 you will be out of luck. Make sure you are in the right area to vote and find your local polling station ahead of time. Make sure your friends and neighbours have a ride to the polls as well. And remember your ID!


Via Jerry West & The Record

Advance Voting Days: October 9, 10, 11 and 12

The advance poll will be open from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. at the following address:
Chamber of Commerce
375 Nimpkish Dr. Drive, Suite 21
Poll No. 603

Election Day: Monday, October 19

You may vote from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at:
Gold River Community Centre
350 Muchalat Drive
Poll No. 029

You may vote by mail or in person at your local Elections Canada office if you apply to do so no later than 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13. Fill out the form now or contact your returning officer.

Elections Canada Office
Comox Elementary School
2085 Wallace Avenue
Comox, British Columbia V9M 1W4

For more information, please visit the Elections Canada website.

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Gold River Golf Course – Annual General Meeting Oct 18

Gold River Golf Course

Gold River Golf Course

Annual General Meeting

Sunday, October 18/2015 at the Clubhouse

6:30 PM

Members are encouraged to attend

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Adorable & Affordable & no Strata Fees

506 Maquinna Crescent1

 506 Maquinna Crescent2
506 Maquinna Crescent – $112,900

Beauty townhouse fully updated throughout and very tastefully done. 3 levels of living; main level entry, great kitchen with loads of counters & cupboards, dining,living room and a 2 piece bath. 3 good sized bedrooms up, fully updated bath is so nice and a family room down with laundry. This home has beautiful mountain views, an extra large lot of approx. 5 feet front and back due to end unit location, vehicle backyard access and excellent RV parking. The deck off the dining room has been recently covered and the large back yard has gardens growing along with awesome apple trees. Appliances are all newer, bathrooms are new, this house is a real gem. A must see and a great price. Basement has been all renovated, pot lighting and a dry core sub floor has been added. Just move in and put your feet up.

Call Judy @ Century 21 Arbutus Realty @ 250-283-2494 for info or viewing.


Aquatic Centre Programs & Schedule

The Aquatic Centre Programs and Schedule are also always under the Pool Schedule/Maps tab at the top of the page for your convenience.
Fall Pool Programs

Fall Pool Programs

Fall Pool Programs

Fall Pool Schedule

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Resident Spotlight – Barb McKenney

Barb is a long standing resident of Gold River, and you can certainly tell how much she loves our little Village. Thank you Barb for participating in the Resident Spotlight, and thank you to her friends for convincing her! :)

How long have you lived in Gold River? What brought you here?

I have lived in Gold River for 35 years.  I was on vacation in Seattle when my Grandma phoned me and asked if I would bring her and my Mom up to Gold River to visit my aunt and uncle ( Ted and Helen Grimes) I said sure…never been there and it would be fun. My aunt met us in Campbell River to make sure we got to Gold River alright. We followed her in and I thought that the road would never end. Funny how it doesn’t even bother me now. A couple of days into our stay I was set up for a date with Don. We absolutely hit it off – I took mom and Grandma home and came back for a few more days. I was here for Loggers Sports and Don proposed then and I moved up here shortly after that. We were married the following April. I had 25 wonderful years with Don and I am now on my own.


What do you do for (paid) work? 

I am now working part time for the RCMP as a Guard.

Please tell us about any volunteer work you do.

Nothing at the present time…..for approximately 20 years I worked ( mostly volunteered) for Mrs. Anderson (Anderson’s Flowers) doing what ever I could to help her – working with the plants, doing arrangements and bouquets for all occasions as well as the skating carnival.  Picked up her mail and groceries.  Was fun working over there with the flowers and plants.  I enjoyed helping and meeting all the people that came for plants and eggs.  I miss playing with the flowers.

Please tell us a bit about your family.

I have a brother ( Bob ) and sister in law (Lynne) and one nephew (David) and 2 nieces ( Robyn and Leah ) who are all in Langley and Surrey. I don’t get to visit as much as I like, but am always in touch by phone and Facebook. Don’s 4 children and spouses and kids/grand kids all live in Ontario. I am in contact with daughter ( Dawn Marie ) and her children…we talk on Facebook. I’m also in contact with my daughter in law ( Brenda ) and granddaughter ( Sara ) on Facebook too. I consider all my close friends in Gold River my family as well. I am happy that I could stay in this wonderful community where everyone looks out for each other and helps when it is needed.

Do you have any pets?

I have 2 crazy cats. Merlin (black) and Camelot – Cammie for short ( Tortie ) They are brother and sister but do not look or act anything alike. Merlin is too smart for his own good and always getting into trouble for stealing craft supplies and opening closets and kitchen cabinets but he is definitely entertaining. Cammie is a very fat girl and is very talkative…..never lets you forget when she can see the bottom of the food bowl. Diet food – naw – she just eats more. Merlin loves to help who ever comes over for craft days.




Merlin Helping

Merlin Helping

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to swim….try to be at pool Mon – Fri to do laps. Walk, Paper Tole ( 3 D pictures ), scrap booking and card-making, drawing in charcoal or pen and ink, photography, Zentangle, Hardanger embroidery (cut work embroidery from Denmark) gardening, canning, used to do Stainglass. I love learning new crafts….want to learn how to Chinese Brush Paint and Iris Folding (for cards)  Oh, and I love to READ, READ, READ! I usually read at least one book a day…..lots of favorite authors, love Sci-fi, Mystery, Thrillers, Historical and Paranormal.

What do you wish Gold River had that it doesn’t? Is there anything missing for you?

I with that we still had a bowling alley. I used to bowl 3 times a week when I first got here. I also wish that the kids had a skate park/ BMX park….they have such a good time at the one in Campbell River.

And just for fun – if you had 1 million dollars to donate to the community in any way you wished – what would you do with the money?

I have thought of this a lot – and I am selfish…… I wanted to buy the old Odika Restaurant building and add on a bit….make it into an Art Gallery/Museum with the upstairs for all our creative people in town, free of charge they could be responsible for their own hydro. I would also build the skate park/BMX park.

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Warren A. Dunaway, 1944 – 2015

Warren Dunaway

Warren A. Dunaway, 1944 – 2015

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Warren Dunaway, resident of Gold River for the past five years.  Warren succumbed to liver cancer on September 22 in Campbell River.

He is survived by his sister Carol; brother Blaine (Charmian); son Tom Toupitch and grandson Alex; daughter Deborah (Scott Smigiel); son Carl (Laurie) and granddaughter Ava; daughter Amy (Dieter) Voss, grandsons Joe and Nikolaas. He leaves behind his beloved cat, Autumn, and many, many wonderful friends. A talented, lifelong musician (drums and trumpet), Warren branched out into painting in recent years, and leaves us much beauty to remember him by.

The family thanks his caring and devoted neighbours and those whose lives touched on his in the Gold River community.  In particular, Barb and everyone at the Gold River Health Unit went above and beyond in supporting Warren. It is difficult being distanced from a loved one, especially when that person is struggling, and we were comforted by the support he received in his home town.  Our thanks, also, to the caring and efficient staff at Campbell River Hospital, who did all they could to make him comfortable in his final days.

A memorial site is up at www.warrendunaway.com, and there is also a guestbook at Sutton’s Campbell River Funeral Home’s website.


Rare Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Via The Weather Network:

A rare perigee lunar eclipse will grace our skies on the night of Sunday, September 27 – what some are calling a ‘super blood moon.’ Here’s why it’s special, plus a look at viewing conditions and how to watch it from anywhere in the world.

Lunar Eclipse2

Not only will this be a total lunar eclipse, when the full moon passes directly through the darkest part of Earth’s shadow, but

  1. It will be visible, in its totality, from all of North America,
  2. It is happening on the same night as the closest full moon of the year – the ‘perigee’ full moon, and
  3. It is the final total lunar eclipse in a string of four – a tetrad.

Visible from all of Canada

Barring any cloudy skies that may block our view, this total lunar eclipse – at least in its totality – can be seen from coast to coast.

Here are the start time and finishes for the most visible portion of the eclipse – when the Moon turns red as it passes through the darkest part of Earth’s shadow – for locations across Canada.

Lunar Eclipse

For anyone who wishes to watch the eclipse from start to finish – from when it slips into Earth’s penumbra until it exits fully out the other side – this will only be possible from Manitoba to Atlantic Canada, as the moon only rises after the eclipse has already begun in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

In Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes (and regions of the territories to the north of there), head outside roughly an hour prior to the start time and stay out for another hour afterward to catch the entire event.

From Saskatchewan (and northward), the moon rises at around 6:47 p.m., just 20 minutes before it enters the umbra.

In Alberta and B.C., the moon will already have begun passing through the umbra as it rises, however both regions will still be able to see the eclipse at totality.

The rest of North America, all of South America, western regions of Europe and Africa, as well as anyone on or above the Atlantic Ocean will also have a spectacular view of the event.

Watch it for yourself

As with most of these skywatching events, seeing them with your own eyes, from your backyard or a nearby Dark Sky Preserve, is certainly the preferred way. However, while the astronomy part is definitely cooperating to give many a great show, the meteorology may not be so accommodating for some.

Watch it live from anywhere in the world

If rain or clouds end up blocking your view of this eclipse, or if you happen to be in a part of the world that won’t have a good vantage point to see it, there’s still hope!

The Slooh Community Observatory is hosting a show via the web, starting at 8 p.m. EDT, to highlight this Rare Mega Harvest Moon Eclipse.

We’re supposed to have nice clear skies here in Gold River tonight, so get your lawn chairs and blankets out!
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Sunday Breakfast Now at The Ridge!


Breakfast Buzz ad
The Ridge is very pleased to announce that they now offer breakfast service every Sunday morning starting at 9 a.m.
A full breakfast menu will be available with all your favourites.
Let the cooks at The Ridge prepare your breakfast this Sunday…they’ll even do the dishes!
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Employment Opportunity: Social Development Manager

Please click on the graphic below to enlarge in a new window/tab:
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Via Suzanne Trevis:

Gold River Village Council

September 17, 2015

Present for the regular meeting were Mayor Brad Unger, Councillors Rod MacLeod, Darcy Curr, Gordon Waterman and Kirsty Begon.  Administrator Larry Plourde was also present. There were twelve members of the public and the press in the gallery.

During Open Session the press asked if council had had any talks with Western Forest Products with regards to some permanent layoffs that have recently been announced.  Mayor Unger said they had only been advised that week of what was going on and had not had an opportunity yet to speak with anyone.

Marcus Schluschen spoke to a letter that he had on the agenda regarding cell service in the community. The administrator explained that while the local community has input into decisions around cell towers, they have minimal control over what can be done as it is federally regulated.  Companies such as Telus look for input from communities and like to respect what they want, but are under no obligation to go along with it if they want something different.

The meeting was called to order and the agenda was approved.  Minutes from the Regular Council Meeting held September 8 were adopted.  Two reports were received.  The first dealt with Permissive Tax Exemptions, which must be posted publicly before being adopted as a bylaw.  The bylaw provides for certain properties to be exempt from paying the municipal portion of their property taxes. This list includes lands and/or buildings for public worship, charitable, recreation or other not for profit organizations.  They are as follows:

Organization Estimated Dollar Value of Exemption
2016 2017 2018
GR Golf & Country Club $39,261.00 $40,046.00 $40,847.00
St Peter St Paul Church $1,328.00 $1,355.00 $1,382.00
Royal Canadian Legion $5,310.00 $5,416.00 $5,524.00
Christian Fellowship Church $1,225.00 $1,250.00 $1,275.00
Village – Jack Christensen Bldg (misc Societies, Library, Daycare) $3,425.00 $3,496.00 $3,566.00


The second report was an amendment to the Council Procedure Bylaw, it changes the time of council meetings from 7:30 to 7pm and was passed unanimously.

Under Council Information Items Mayor Unger reported on the Regional District Meeting at which they discussed how the new hospitals are coming along.  The VIHA website has a new video that shows a unique view of the project and what stage things are at.  He stated that the Campbell River Hospital is on time and on budget.  They are hoping to have it open for September 9, 2017 – exactly 50 years since the first CR Hospital opened!

They also discussed Waste Management and difficulties some communities, such as Tahsis, are having with scavenging etc.  The Comox Regional District took part in a pilot project involving organic waste that has apparently left them with too much dirt!  Other communities are currently looking at similar projects.

Council then passed a motion to pay expenses for Mayor Unger, Councillors Begon and Waterman, and Administrator Larry Plourde to travel to UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities Convention) next week.

There were four items of correspondence received, with discussion on the following.

Norm & Ruby Paulson, thanked the community for hosting such an awesome event for the Villages Birthday.

WFP advised the village of a cut block that will have a (minimal) visual impact on the village (Ucona Road, toward Star Lake).

There were no questions for council, but under New Business the Mayor advised that Councillors Curr & MacLeod, as members of the Economic Development committee, have 3 items to look at while other councillors were at UBCM.

We look forward to hearing what plans council has when they return in October.

With no further business council was adjourned at 7:23.

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