Easter Sunday Service

Photo Easter Sunday Service

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Mother’s Day Gift Bundle

All you need for Mother’s Day in one easy package! (Total retail price $66 – you save $18) Contact me at kyrafiddler [at] gmail [dot] com (or through the Buzz) for more information. (Taxes not included, free shipping) Order going in soon! Click on photo to enlarge


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19th Hole Restaurant Open for Dinner

The 19th Hole Restaurant, located at the Gold River Golf Course, is pleased to announce they are now open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Our kitchen hours are 11:00am – 7:00pm daily.

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Music Trivia & DJ Party Night

Music Trivia

Friday, April 18th
At The Gold River Legion
starts at 8:30pm
~ $50 cash prize ~
DJ Dance Music to follow
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Gold River Greenhouse Society May Meeting

GRGS Meeting

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It’s The Great Daffodil Hunt – How Many Have You Seen?

Interview with Linda Hooper:

On my last birthday in October I decided to give myself a gift of daffodil bulbs.  Every time I see daffodils I think of my Dad who passed away from cancer 11 years ago.  I even drew a daffodil and had it tattooed on my lower left forearm in remembrance of my Dad.

As most of you know, daffodils are the April Cancer canvassing flower.  Speaking of canvassing, I have volunteered with the Cancer Fundraising Blitz in Gold River for the past three years and love it.

I just wanted to make people smile when they saw a daffodil blooming at the side of the road.  They are just such a sunny happy flower! My daughter Katelyn and I threw the bag of bulbs and a shovel in my trunk and drove around and found random spots.  I planted three bulbs in each spot, hoping that even one would bloom!  The ones I have seen in bloom so far this Spring are at the first pull out just past the Gold River sign and planter (I can’t take credit for the ones in the planter!), and one lonely one is growing under the Gold River 2km sign.  I was pleased to see that five or six are blooming in front of the Donovan’s sign.

daffodil 4 daffodil 1 daffodil 2 daffodil 3

We also drove the other way out towards the Mill.  As you turn onto the gravel road at Big Bend there are two on the right hand side.  There are also two more trying to grow in front of the sign on the trail into Big Bend!

I can’t remember where else we planted the bulbs!  Oh yes – I took some out to Twaddle Lake and planted a few there as well.  Our dog Jack was with us and he kept digging them up!  He thought it was the best game!

So next time you see them here and there, I hope they make you smile Gold River!

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Proposed Tax Increase for Residents & Businesses?

Submitted by Lynne Unger

At what point does our Village stop adding more crazy to crazy!

I’ve just been told that our Property taxes for 2014 are being proposed as a 5% increase for business and a 1% increase for property owners.  The reason given for this is because the Council gave tax relief to the Golf Course and the Royal Canadian Legion last year.

I want all residents to know the true financial story here in Gold River.  If all sources of revenue were to stop, no taxes, no Regional District money, no Federal or Provincial money was to flow into Gold River the Village of Gold River would continue to run with no changes to current services for five years.  That’s how much money is in the bank.

When I was on Council I spent a lot of energy talking to Council and Administration about the budgeting philosophy of our Council.  The answers I received always seemed to come back to that there should always be a tax increase.  The reasons given were “because the people expected it” and was never about a demonstrated need for the money.  Often we would be encouraged to argue a case for or against 1% or 2 % but not about what this $8,000 – $16,000 was needed for.  We would hear a long description of the various budget pressures (Hydro increases, CUPE contracts) but only when prodding insistently would we hear about the $10 million in surpluses and reserves and the 16 years of surplus budgets adding hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the mountain of money.

We’ve all been witness to the economic burdens being borne by the businesses in the community as they continue to try and stay alive.  Each time another business leaves or closes its doors I hope that it will be the last one.  And yet instead of giving us some hope our Village Council puts forth a proposal to knock us down again with a tax increase of 5%.  I wonder if all the business close their doors if the Village will realize the burden has become too much.

I urge every business owner and resident to speak with your Village Council members and ask them what exactly is the end game?  What do you want Gold River to look like moving forward?  Do you have a plan?  If you are saving the money for a rainy day I say to you as a business owner……..


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Webpage for Gold River Cat Society

The Gold River Cat Society now has their own webpage!

There is updated information on the website as to what the Society is doing, application forms for adoptions and a photo page on cats who have been adopted and a few that are still living wild, but are being helped by the Society.  For future reference, their webpage will be listed under the Gold River Links section located on the right hand side of the website.


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Ladies Day Starts April 22nd

Let’s kick off the golf season ladies!
First Ladies Day – Tuesday April 22nd
The ladies club have introduced a new time to accommodate all the younger mom’s that have school children.
1st Tee Time 1:00 Pm
2nd Tee Time 5:30 Pm
Please arrive before your tee time, you will all golf at the same time.
For more information, please call the Pro Shop or Barbara Brinkman
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Home for Rent

For Rent

Available May 1st
4 Bedrooms and 1 Storage Room
Living room and Den
2 full Baths, one 1/2 bath
Washer and Dyer, 2 Fridges, Stove
2000 square foot Row House on Chamiss
750$ per month ~ Utilities not included
References and criminal record check required
Please call Rachel Stratton 250-283-9114
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