911 Systems Down

Update: I’ve just had a call from the RCMP saying that everything¬†is back up and working again. I haven’t tested the 911 system or called long distance but I’ll take his word for it.
Update: If you have an emergency and require 911, please phone the 283-2227 RCMP office #. The dispatch call-through to Comox is not working. The RCMP have someone at the office who will answer the main phone and help you. Doors are also open if required, but please phone 250-283-2227 first.
We have been advised that the 911 systems in Gold River are currently down. Local calls seem to be working so if police assistance is required please contact the non emergency line 250-283-2227 and a prompt will direct you to a dispatcher. Telus is aware of the issue. Thanks.
Nootka Sound RCMP
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4 comments to 911 Systems Down

  • Brenda

    Local calls are not working.

  • grbuzz

    You’re right. It’s not going through when you press 1. You just get a recording. I’ve tried the #’s I have for the office and no one is answering.

    I’m sure the technicians are doing everything they can.

    I don’t know what to say.

    Do you need 911 right now? Can you phone the clinic or the ambulance?

  • Todd

    I had to call 911 today to get the RCMP to deal with someone and got through but I can’t through to 811 or 611 or some toll free numbers no luck if you need Telus repair dial zero and someone should redirect you

  • Joanne

    I tried to get through to town last night from down island and finally succeeded close to 10 pm. It seems as though the lInes in and out of town were the problem.

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