Candidates for School Trustee – Videos

The All Candidate’s Forum last night was (I thought anyway) extremely well attended.  If you were unable to make it, I managed to record almost all of the meeting and question period – sadly my camera battery died three quarters of  the way through the candidates closing statements.

I’ll be posting the videos in multiple parts in the coming days.  Here are the opening statements of the Candidates for School Trustee.  (Note:  Laverne Kelly was unable to attend.)



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GRSS Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Trip

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Carol Donaldson – Incumbent for School Trustee

Students come first!

As your incumbent for the last two terms, I will continue to advocate for all of our students.

In this ever changing world, we need to give our students the skills and knowledge to be productive, happy, and responsible citizens for the future and now in our communities.  Realizing children’s potential means more than bringing home a good report card.  Now, more than ever, we need to develop their confidence to think about others with compassion, to make positive choices that enrich their lives, and to take responsibility for their actions and education.

Your existing Board of Education supports in class and out of classroom opportunities that develop students’ interests and passions.  To mention two of a list of many great programs, I am a strong supporter of our Nootka Sound Outdoor Program and Nootka Discovery School.  I also feel that the numerous field trips, performing arts, and guest speakers only add to enlighten students to all the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

We need to listen to our youths’ concerns and ideas in venues where they are comfortable.  We have to make the connection with our community’s children at such places as the hockey rink, churches, or parks to strengthen their abilities to feel loved and supported.

I will continue to build on healthy relationships with Parents, Staff and the Community.  Our strong teachers and caring community are positive strengths for our students.  I feel that the citizens of this School District are important role models, whose values and knowledge are underutilized and should be used to benefit the students.  I believe respectful, transparent, and collaborative relationships support the needs of our students.

Your Board of Education has significant decisions to ensure individualized student success is attainable, and I believe that working collaboratively and respectfully with all education partnerships can make those successes a reality.

I remain committed to working hard for our students in School District #84 and I respectfully ask for your support in the opportunity to continue to serve you as your Board of Education’s School Trustee in Gold River.

Carol Donaldson

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Sheila Bugar – Candidate for School Trustee

My name is Sheila Bugar.  My husband and I moved from Tahsis to Gold River almost exactly 10 years ago.  We have three children in the school system.  One in Ray Watkins Elementary and two in Gold River Secondary.  Aside from being a busy mother and wife I am also very involved in our schools and our community.  I consider myself a joyful, professional volunteer.

I have always volunteered in the schools in whatever capacity was needed. I have done everything from being on PAC, teaching exercise and dance classes, chaperoning field trips, choreographing and helping with Christmas plays and mentoring both high school and elementary school students.

My heart is for the youth and the community.  I think we need to recognize that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  It is up to us as parents, teachers and a community to help shape and mould this generation into respectful, caring, compassionate, confident and educated adults.

I am currently in my fourth year of running our local Youth Program which hosts an average of 38 kids per week.  It is a program that focuses on all these elements.  Having three children in the school system and running this program also gives me an advantage to know what is going on in the schools from their points of view.

I have organized and implemented many community programs and events, such as Gold River Days and Canada Days and volunteer whenever I can.  I believe that everyone needs to be involved in the community you live in. This is where my family is and where my kids are growing up, I want it to be the best it can be.

I believe I have proven my love and care for both the youth and the community through these things wanting to make Gold River a better place.

Ever since my children started in the public school system I have considered myself an involved parent.  I genuinely care what my kids are learning, what they are being exposed to and what they are being taught in and out of the classrooms.  I have watched and learned, I have educated myself in how the school system works.  I have a wide range of experience in the school system.  It is important to me to have good relationships and communication with the teachers and administration.

I am running for School Trustee because I have a vested interest in the school and community.

If I’m elected as School Trustee I will do my best to understand our schools strengths, weaknesses, challenges and demands.  I realize that we are unique and each school has different priorities, needs and resources.

If I’m elected my goal is to go into the schools and speak with teachers and students as well as keeping in touch with the PAC committee’s to better understand the needs, concerns and desires of our two schools.  Having grown up in Tahsis I’m very familiar with small schools and their challenges.

It will also be my mission to make the school a peaceful, comfortable, safe and respectful place to be.  A facility that is conducive to learning and preparing the kids for the future, the best possible learning environment for the students.  As well, I will be helping to maintain good relationships between the staff and community and the best working environment for the teachers and administration.

Good luck to all Trustee Candidates!


Sheila Bugar

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GRSS PAC Meeting

Please come join us for the meeting on October 26th at 7:00pm.

We will be voting in our 2011/2012 PAC EXECUTIVE.   We have candidates for all positions.  However it is very important that we have a good attendance for voting Purposes.

Please support PAC, come out and vote!  If you only get to one PAC meeting this year, please make it tomorrow! :)

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Come if you Dare……

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GRSS PAC Meeting

The first PAC meeting of the year for Gold River Secondary School is set for Wednesday, September 28th, at 7:00pm in the GRSS Library.

Please note that voting for the 2011/12 Executive will take place at October’s meeting.  All current Executive members need to be replaced as the majority of current members do not have kids in school any longer.  If no one steps forward for these positions, the Government will want fundraising dollars returned, which will affect the programs PAC tries to support.

As in any small town, many volunteers and parents are stretched to the limit already.  For those of you parents who are not already actively involved in hockey, skating, rangers, other volunteer groups, etc., please consider giving a little of your time (once per month) to the PAC so that this group is still able to help the kids.

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GRSS Newsletter

School is in session for GRSS students from 10am – noon tomorrow, and regular full days begin on Wednesday starting at 8:30am as usual.

Click the following link to download the latest GRSS Newsletter:

GRSS NL summer 2011

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RWES: Back to School

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Ray Watkins Elementary School and Gold River Secondary School wish to express their heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful people of Gold River who have acted as mentors and friends to our students.

You have inspired our young people, comforted them, guided them, and had fun with them.  You have had walks, talks and treats with them.  You have baked cookies, brownies, and gingerbread houses.  You have made potato salad!  You have done crafts, made necklaces, bracelets,  and pretty bags.  You have played board games, made play dough and done math.    You have painted,  sewed,  and gone shopping.  You have done fun things on the computer, helped in the classroom, and done healing work.  You have read and written poetry.  You have assisted our young mothers and mothers-to-be.   You have played games and  played the piano, the drums, the violin.  You have shared food!   You have even run around the track and done exercise!

Mentors – you rock!  So thank you to…

  • Mrs. Bonnie Beggs
  • Ms. Brenda Gilman
  • Mrs. Carol Donaldson
  • Mrs. Carrie Tarasoff (x3!)
  • Mrs. Cindy Erb
  • Mrs. Darla Gaiga
  • Mr. David Wheatley
  • Mrs. Dawn Dakin
  • Mrs. Joanne White
  • Mrs. Julie Schimunek
  • Mrs. Karen Mudge
  • Mrs Kate Ney
  • Mrs. Lana Fraser
  • Ms. Laura Brunning
  • Mrs. Louise Karlsson
  • Ms. Marion Last
  • Mrs. Nicole Cooper
  • Mr. Rob Hoffman
  • Mr. Russell Sereda
  • Mrs. Sheila Bugar
  • Mr. Steve Munroe
  • Mr. Stephen Larre
  • Mrs. Tara Westwood
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