GRSS PAC Meeting

Please come join us for the meeting on October 26th at 7:00pm.

We will be voting in our 2011/2012 PAC EXECUTIVE.   We have candidates for all positions.  However it is very important that we have a good attendance for voting Purposes.

Please support PAC, come out and vote!  If you only get to one PAC meeting this year, please make it tomorrow! :)

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Come if you Dare……

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GRSS PAC Meeting

The first PAC meeting of the year for Gold River Secondary School is set for Wednesday, September 28th, at 7:00pm in the GRSS Library.

Please note that voting for the 2011/12 Executive will take place at October’s meeting.  All current Executive members need to be replaced as the majority of current members do not have kids in school any longer.  If no one steps forward for these positions, the Government will want fundraising dollars returned, which will affect the programs PAC tries to support.

As in any small town, many volunteers and parents are stretched to the limit already.  For those of you parents who are not already actively involved in hockey, skating, rangers, other volunteer groups, etc., please consider giving a little of your time (once per month) to the PAC so that this group is still able to help the kids.

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GRSS Newsletter

School is in session for GRSS students from 10am – noon tomorrow, and regular full days begin on Wednesday starting at 8:30am as usual.

Click the following link to download the latest GRSS Newsletter:

GRSS NL summer 2011

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RWES: Back to School

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Ray Watkins Elementary School and Gold River Secondary School wish to express their heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful people of Gold River who have acted as mentors and friends to our students.

You have inspired our young people, comforted them, guided them, and had fun with them.  You have had walks, talks and treats with them.  You have baked cookies, brownies, and gingerbread houses.  You have made potato salad!  You have done crafts, made necklaces, bracelets,  and pretty bags.  You have played board games, made play dough and done math.    You have painted,  sewed,  and gone shopping.  You have done fun things on the computer, helped in the classroom, and done healing work.  You have read and written poetry.  You have assisted our young mothers and mothers-to-be.   You have played games and  played the piano, the drums, the violin.  You have shared food!   You have even run around the track and done exercise!

Mentors – you rock!  So thank you to…

  • Mrs. Bonnie Beggs
  • Ms. Brenda Gilman
  • Mrs. Carol Donaldson
  • Mrs. Carrie Tarasoff (x3!)
  • Mrs. Cindy Erb
  • Mrs. Darla Gaiga
  • Mr. David Wheatley
  • Mrs. Dawn Dakin
  • Mrs. Joanne White
  • Mrs. Julie Schimunek
  • Mrs. Karen Mudge
  • Mrs Kate Ney
  • Mrs. Lana Fraser
  • Ms. Laura Brunning
  • Mrs. Louise Karlsson
  • Ms. Marion Last
  • Mrs. Nicole Cooper
  • Mr. Rob Hoffman
  • Mr. Russell Sereda
  • Mrs. Sheila Bugar
  • Mr. Steve Munroe
  • Mr. Stephen Larre
  • Mrs. Tara Westwood
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Nootka Sound Outdoor Program Videos

As the school year draws to a close, Mr. Parkes has put together videos for each of the Spring events/activities offered by the Nootka Sound Outdoor Program.

It is wonderful to see how much this program has impacted our GRSS students.  Congratulations on a very successful first year of NSOP Mr. Parkes, and many thanks to all those in the District who believed in this program and helped to make it a reality!  Countless thanks as well to all the volunteers who offered their time for the kids and the program!

Spring Shred Fest – Mt. Cain

YouTube Preview Image


Ocean Kayaking – Bligh Island, May 21-24

YouTube Preview Image


All girls surf weekend – Tofino

YouTube Preview Image


The Art of Fly Fishing

YouTube Preview Image


Rock Climbing at Crest Crags


Caving at Upana Caves


Looking forward to another great year with NSOP!

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Several parents have asked Mr. Parkes for specific photos from the 27 NSOP trips they ran this year.  One grandparent suggested he make and sell photo CDs and use the money toward the program next year.  He thought this was a fantastic idea, so that’s what he’s going to do!

If you are interested in an NSOP photo CD, with well over 600 pictures, they are now on sale for $10.  The quality of the photos is good enough to make sharp prints up to 18″ by 20″.  The CD will have ALL the pictures and videos from the program.

Interested parties can email Mr. Parkes at pparkes [at] viw [dot] sd84 [dot] bc [dot] ca, or call GRSS at 283-2538.

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Grad 2011

The commencement ceremonies for the GRSS Graduating Class of 2011 will be held this Friday (June 3rd), starting at 6:00pm in the GRSS gymnasium.

The public is welcome to attend.

There are 16 grade 12 students taking part in the ceremonies tomorrow night:

  • Emily Beer
  • Cassandra Dick
  • Amanda Fraser
  • Mabel Johnson
  • Amber Lepack-Sandiman
  • Briana Murphy
  • Keenan Pringle
  • Chandelle Rasmussen
  • Darryl Savey
  • Maximus Savey
  • Catherine Skinner
  • Clarissa Thomas
  • Sidney Toohey
  • Alex Tran
  • Lynn White
  • Christina Williams

Congratulations to all the Graduates!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.  ~Confucius

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GRSS PAC Meeting

Gold River Secondary School PAC will be holding board elections at the September meeting.

We really need some caring parents to step up to the plate and participate in supporting the students in tasks from fundraising to bookkeeping.  Meetings are once per month.

Come join our May 25th meeting (7:00pm in the school library) to learn about what is going on at the school, and how PAC continues to sponsor student activities.

Do it for the kids!

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