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Via Miranda Hutchinson:

ATTENTION parents of children in Ray Watkins Elementary School:

As the President of the Parents Advisory Council, I will be attending the preliminary interviews of the candidates for the selection of Principal for RWES.

If you have any questions that you would like to have answered, please let me know by TOMORROW (Feb 8th) and we will submit them to the School Board.

This is an important selection process and we look forward to your contribution.

Please message me through Facebook, email me at lucky4buffAThotmailDOTcom or call 283-7336.

Thank you – Miranda

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GRSS PAC Meeting

Please join us for the monthly PAC meeting this Wednesday, January 25th at 7:00pm in the GRSS library.

P.A.C. AGENDA – January 25, 2012

1. Welcome/Call to order

2. Grade 12 Grad class request for ticket licence (will do immediately – students may leave)

3. Adoption of minutes

4. Correspondence

5. Suggestion box

6. Trustee’s chance to speak (questions & answers)

7. Treasurer’s Report

8. Principal’s Report

a) Future presentation (RCMP) regarding anti-bullying, criminal harassment and parental consequences for underage drinking.

b) First Aid course for Grade 12

9. Old/Unfinished Business

10. New Business

a) It was brought to PAC attention and recommended that we look into changing the by-laws who could vote on PAC decisions (Parents who work for the board vs the actual school etc)

11. Parental concerns/questions/comments

12. Date of next meeting: February 29, 2012

13. Adjournment

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School Board Meeting – Jan 10





AT 7:00 PM



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School Board Office Closed Until Jan 2nd

250-283-9261 or 250-283-9298.

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GRSS November PAC Meeting

The November PAC meeting for GRSS parents will be held on November 30th at 7:00pm in the GRSS Library.  Following is a message from PAC President Nicole Cooper  regarding school planning councils:

Did you know that you could be a part of GRSS School Planning Council?   What is School Planning Council?  The purpose of School Planning Council (SPC) is to formally acknowledge the importance of parent involvement in improving student achievement in our school.   Under the School Act, the SPC in each school has one role – “to prepare a school plan for improving student achievement in the school and for other matters contained in the school board’s accountability contract relating to the school.”    I wish to bring awareness that we are currently seeking two parents to assist and be a part of the School planning Council.   PAC & SPC are different organizations.  They represent different people and have different purposes.    SPC is part of the Accountability Framework created by the Ministry of Education to focus attention and resources on improving the achievement of all students in BC.  Recently I have stepped up as PAC president and understand first hand that not everyone has the time from their busy schedules to be fully involved.   School planning Council meets only a few times and is very casual.  That said, SPC is very important as parents are partners with the Principal, one PAC representative, students and in some cases the educators in planning for improvement of student achievement in our school.  We will be holding Elections for two parent positions on the SPC at our next PAC meeting, Wednesday, November 30, 2011.    Please, join me in making a difference in our children’s future. 

For more information on or becoming part of School Planning Council, please do not hesitate to contact me at 250-283-7283 or by email at ncooper12 [at] live [dot] ca.    

GRSS PAC now also has a Facebook Group! If you are a member on Facebook, please search “GRSS PAC” and you will find us.

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Fall Arts Week

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School Board – Public Meeting

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Candidates for School Trustee – Videos

The All Candidate’s Forum last night was (I thought anyway) extremely well attended.  If you were unable to make it, I managed to record almost all of the meeting and question period – sadly my camera battery died three quarters of  the way through the candidates closing statements.

I’ll be posting the videos in multiple parts in the coming days.  Here are the opening statements of the Candidates for School Trustee.  (Note:  Laverne Kelly was unable to attend.)



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GRSS Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Trip

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Carol Donaldson – Incumbent for School Trustee

Students come first!

As your incumbent for the last two terms, I will continue to advocate for all of our students.

In this ever changing world, we need to give our students the skills and knowledge to be productive, happy, and responsible citizens for the future and now in our communities.  Realizing children’s potential means more than bringing home a good report card.  Now, more than ever, we need to develop their confidence to think about others with compassion, to make positive choices that enrich their lives, and to take responsibility for their actions and education.

Your existing Board of Education supports in class and out of classroom opportunities that develop students’ interests and passions.  To mention two of a list of many great programs, I am a strong supporter of our Nootka Sound Outdoor Program and Nootka Discovery School.  I also feel that the numerous field trips, performing arts, and guest speakers only add to enlighten students to all the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

We need to listen to our youths’ concerns and ideas in venues where they are comfortable.  We have to make the connection with our community’s children at such places as the hockey rink, churches, or parks to strengthen their abilities to feel loved and supported.

I will continue to build on healthy relationships with Parents, Staff and the Community.  Our strong teachers and caring community are positive strengths for our students.  I feel that the citizens of this School District are important role models, whose values and knowledge are underutilized and should be used to benefit the students.  I believe respectful, transparent, and collaborative relationships support the needs of our students.

Your Board of Education has significant decisions to ensure individualized student success is attainable, and I believe that working collaboratively and respectfully with all education partnerships can make those successes a reality.

I remain committed to working hard for our students in School District #84 and I respectfully ask for your support in the opportunity to continue to serve you as your Board of Education’s School Trustee in Gold River.

Carol Donaldson

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