Just a note…

I’ve reopened commenting on the Covanta/Green Island Energy post.  I had closed comments earlier today due to some comments getting out of hand.  Part of what I had in mind for this website was for it to be a forum for discussion on community issues and events.   I probably allowed the discussion to go on longer than I should have as a bit of name calling and low blows began.

I’ve also had to monitor (and erase) separate comments on other posts not related to GIE as one was a veiled personal attack and the other was a pile of racist garbage (to put it mildly).  I’d like those posters to know that I did try to contact them each through the email addresses submitted, but my emails were returned as the addresses weren’t valid.  I took note of both IP numbers in the event that either decide to post the same type of garbage in the future.

By all means, I would like everyone to please continue to use the Buzz for discussion and the sharing of opinions and ideas.  But I must insist that everyone be respectful and mature in expressing your opinions, and refrain from personal attacks.

Pretty please?  With whip cream on top?? :)

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Another Gold River Day update

More victims volunteers for the dunk tank, and lots of new parade route info on the Gold River Day page!

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Gold River Day update

New dunk tank info on the Gold River Days page – check it out!

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Look up!

You’ll now see that Gold River Days has it’s own page!  (Yes, I thought it was so important that it needed some space of it’s very own!)  Simply click on the tab marked ‘Gold River Days’ in the top menu bar, and voila!  You’ve arrived.

I will update the page as soon as I get new info, but will always post a quick note here on the main page to let you all know!

Psssttt… there’s new info over there too. :)

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Gallery Updated...

More gorgeous photos in the Gallery!

Check it out – many are postcard worthy!

Vancouver 2010 Medals' Table

As you can see, I’ve added the 2010 Medals table to the sidebar so we can see the up to date medal standings.  (If you’re interested – great – if not, just ignore it.)  Since this is a temporary feature, I didn’t do too much work to incorporate it into the Buzz, so things will just be a little squished for the time being. :-)

Big site update tonight!

There will be a big change on the Gold River Buzz (hopefully) by tomorrow morning if all goes well.

I am doing another total redesign, and instead of taking the site completely offline, I will be tweaking and twisting live.  If you happen to visit and see something funky, wait five minutes and it will probably change!

The new design will be sleeker, sexier and cleaner, with a more professional look.  Along with a new look, some fun new features are that readers will  have the ability to email posts to others and there will be a community events calendar!

I am HOPING that the change goes smoothly, but inevitably, there will be things that will need touching up, and it will take a bit of time to have everything integrated correctly with the new theme.  Please bear with me!

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Subscribe to comments

commentsAs this site continues to grow, I will be changing and adding all sorts of different things.  Last night I added the ability to subscribe to comments.  What does this mean?

When you comment on a post, you now have the option to check a little box which will then notify you of any comments that are posted after yours.  (Click the picture on the left.)

This will make it easier to keep in touch with others who comment (like the post about a Painting Group), or to simply stay in the loop on what others are saying as well. :-)

How to participate….

I’d love to hear what you all think about the site – comments, suggestions etc.  Please participate!  Here are a couple ways for you to do just that:

1.  You can comment on individual posts by clicking the comment button at the bottom of each post.  It will ask for your name, email and website.  Only name and email are required, and you don’t have to use your real name – use a cute nickname if you like!  Website can be left blank, unless you have a website or a blog – then by all means, please leave your URL – it’s a great way to get new visitors.  (I’ll visit you for sure!)

2. Click on the contact tab at the top of the page, just under the picture.  Again, name and email are required.  And it must be a valid email, you can’t just make one up :-)

3. Sign the guestbook – tell us your thoughts, or just say hi!

Please be assured that neither your contact information nor your email will ever be shared with anyone.

(I reserve the right to delete comments that hurt my feelings… :-) )

Negative reaction already.. how sad

I recently received this comment on the guestbook:

I have a feeling this will become a source of gossip. Anyone else share that oppion?

Where to start?  First let me just say, I have a hard time taking someone seriously when a) they chose not to leave their name, and b) cannot spell simple words correctly.

Now, I’d just like to say that this poster is greatly underestimating the owner of this website.  Which is me, and only me.  I am the only one who writes here and therefore the one who controls the content.  If I wanted to make a silly Gold River rumour site I could easily have done that FOR FREE on Facebook, Blogger, Typepad etc.  I certainly don’t plan to waste the money I’m spending for domain registration and hosting for such bullshit as gossip.

My hope for this site is for it to be a valuable web presence for the community of Gold River.  A place where we can quickly get information, events, notices and other community info out.  HyperLocal blogs (that’s what this site is) are quickly becoming a positive emerging trend on the internet, where people of the same community can come together.

I trust that this clears things up for that anonymous poster.  This site will never publish any information that could even remotely be construed as gossip.

That’s my ‘oppion’ on the matter.

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