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Banner Photos Needed

As you can see if you look up, the Buzz is in desperate need of some sprucing up in the way of a banner (or two).  Unfortunately, I don’t have a vast selection of great Gold River photos to condense into banners.

If anyone has a photo that they would be willing to share for use as a banner, it would be greatly appreciated.  It needs to begin as a fairly large file, and then reduced to a photo of approximately 1300X160 pixels.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, send me the photo and I’ll see what I can make of it.  Either way, photos are most welcome at info [at] goldriverbuzz [dot] com.

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A Warm Fuzzy for…… ME!

Love the Gold River Buzz classifieds!  Thanks to you we have rented our home.

You are truly community-minded.  It’s people like you (and services like the Buzz) that make Gold River special.

Kate Gibson

(Thanks so much Kate!  Glad I could help with your rental home. :) )

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A short break…

Just a quick note to let you Gold River Buzz readers know that I am away right now with an ancient and temperamental laptop.  If you need to reach me, or would like something posted, please use the usual avenues – it may however take me a day or two to respond.

PS: Sorry about the Kinfo video Paul – I would grow old waiting for that to load with my current internet connection!  Thank you for sending it though – great idea!

Back up and running, and safe too!

A great big thank you to Lee Yateman for helping me fix the problems with the website! THANK YOU :)

What I’ve been able to ascertain from the internet, was that thousands of GoDaddy hosted websites were hacked and a nasty script put into the code that will try to redirect you to another site and install software on your computer.  This sucker was so nasty that it wouldn’t even allow me to login and take the site offline!!

What I advise (and Lee, please correct me if I’m wrong) is to download and run a Spyware program such as Spybot Search and Destroy, which will check and fix your computer.  If you have never run a Spyware program, you will most likely be very surprised at the number of different little nasties that it finds!  (For whatever reason, my Norton doesn’t catch those types of things.)  I would ‘think’ that if you received a notification of malicious software while on the Buzz, you should be ok, but it never hurts to double check.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled program!  If you have any questions, please ask away!

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Just a note…

I’ve reopened commenting on the Covanta/Green Island Energy post.  I had closed comments earlier today due to some comments getting out of hand.  Part of what I had in mind for this website was for it to be a forum for discussion on community issues and events.   I probably allowed the discussion to go on longer than I should have as a bit of name calling and low blows began.

I’ve also had to monitor (and erase) separate comments on other posts not related to GIE as one was a veiled personal attack and the other was a pile of racist garbage (to put it mildly).  I’d like those posters to know that I did try to contact them each through the email addresses submitted, but my emails were returned as the addresses weren’t valid.  I took note of both IP numbers in the event that either decide to post the same type of garbage in the future.

By all means, I would like everyone to please continue to use the Buzz for discussion and the sharing of opinions and ideas.  But I must insist that everyone be respectful and mature in expressing your opinions, and refrain from personal attacks.

Pretty please?  With whip cream on top?? :)

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Another Gold River Day update

More victims volunteers for the dunk tank, and lots of new parade route info on the Gold River Day page!

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Gold River Day update

New dunk tank info on the Gold River Days page – check it out!

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Look up!

You’ll now see that Gold River Days has it’s own page!  (Yes, I thought it was so important that it needed some space of it’s very own!)  Simply click on the tab marked ‘Gold River Days’ in the top menu bar, and voila!  You’ve arrived.

I will update the page as soon as I get new info, but will always post a quick note here on the main page to let you all know!

Psssttt… there’s new info over there too. :)

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Gallery Updated...

More gorgeous photos in the Gallery!

Check it out – many are postcard worthy!

Vancouver 2010 Medals' Table

As you can see, I’ve added the 2010 Medals table to the sidebar so we can see the up to date medal standings.  (If you’re interested – great – if not, just ignore it.)  Since this is a temporary feature, I didn’t do too much work to incorporate it into the Buzz, so things will just be a little squished for the time being. :-)

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