Warm Fuzzy to Mick Mann

Kudos and thanks to my Uncle Mick (Mann) for volunteering his services on Mother’s day to help me move into my new home in Gold River.

I am looking forward to living here.

Glenys Mann

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Gratitude from Morris McNally & Sue Rich


Thank You from the Gold River Food Bank

Thank you Gold River for your continued support of your Food Bank.  The Christmas season Blitz, school projects, personal donations, donations of food and finances from churches, businesses, community clubs and work places make and keep the Food Bank operational.

Starting this new year of 2013, we again find ourselves well stocked with an abundance of food items which will carry us nicely through the coming months.  And this is after providing 25 Christmas Hampers.

A special shout out to the Elves who have gone door-to-door, rain or shine; and to those who contribute on a regular basis – thanks.  Brad and his Super-Valu staff – thanks for your help in so many ways.

So thank you Gold River, from our hearts and the hearts of those you have helped.

Heather Warwick & Pastor Rob Hoffman

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More Warm Fuzzies

Thank you for all the well wishes and get well cards and especially for the beautiful bouquet of flowers from Brad & Lynn Unger.

Remi & Leone Charette

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Warm Fuzzies & Thank You

A very special Thank You to the community for their generosity after the proceeds of the Dec. 23 Bake Sale.

To all who donated those goodies and their time “Thank you very much”, especially my sister Denise Watt.

Remi & Leone Charette

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Thank you to the Gold River Lions Club

John Teter and family would like to thank the Lion’s Club for the use of their Electric scooter during his time of convalescence.

What an awesome thing being mobile is for someone that is injured, especially during the beautiful summer we had.

The few members that are left here in Gold River continue to do BIG things!

Thanks again.

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Warm Fuzzies to Good Samaritans

We would like to extend a “huge” thank you to the people in two vehicles (Larry was the only name I heard) for stopping and assisting us when our truck was broken down on the highway between Gold River and Campbell River on Friday September 28th.

Thank you very much as well for phoning Pete’s Towing for us on your arrival in Campbell River.

Maureen and Mervin Roth


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Kudos to Donovan’s Bistro

We were in the Gold River area camping and fishing recently, and dropped by a new small pizza place which had recently opened in the mall by Super Valu. We ordered take-out pizzas. We were treated very well while waiting for our pizza.  The owner searched for different places we were interested in and was very friendly and helpful.  We were also given two glasses of iced water to drink while we waited for our order, even though we were in and out, shopping around.  Upon leaving, we were encouraged to take some magazines they had on a table, so I had some crossword puzzles to work on while my husband fished.

We will be back there again next time we are in Gold River.  And by the way, the pizza was DELICIOUS!

Georgi and Sandra Sarov

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Kudos to Local Businesses

Via Walt and Rita Hall

Talk about businesses going the extra mile in Gold River.  I ran around Campbell River looking for a granular combination of mild fertilizer and moss killer but none to be had.  Everybody in Campbell River had the liquid stuff which I didn’t want.

Well anyway, I came to Gold River, got my mail and I just happened to mention this to one of the locals. (Phil Lum) He said,” head down to Messers -they’ve got everything.”  Sure enough, bags and bags of it and at a very reasonable price.

I then looked around the lot and inside and they have more variety than I’ve seen anywhere.  I checked some pricing and it appeared as good or better than Campbell River prices.  Between the building supply and the garden shop Gold Riverites have it made!

Some time ago, I was looking for a piece for a vent that I wanted to install on the house in Campbell River.  I mentioned this to Rick as I could not find this in Campbell River or Courtenay.  After describing what I needed, Rick took me upstairs and pointed to the item and said, “there you go.”  This has happened at other times also with items I couldn’t seem to find elsewhere.

I guess the moral of the story is that most of the merchants in Gold River would rather sell at a reasonable price and rely on more volume to support their bottom line.  I would guess that it’s a delicate balancing act but they do a very good job doing it.  I try to support Gold River businesses whenever I can, unfortunately I’m at a point where I don’t need to buy too much and am using up all the stuff I’ve purchased for projects in the past.

Walt and Rita Hall

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Thank You from The Rye Family

We would like to thank everyone who helped and supported our family while our son Clayton was in the Hospital.

Tim Woods and Lori Wilson for watching Tazz.  Tracy Guss, Kyra Fiddler, Rachel Crawford and Carol Donaldson for all you have done and for being such good friends. The Northgate church for all your prayers.  Romeo and Darla Gaiga for your thoughts, prayers and love.  Amanda Rye and Chris Mcnichol for watching Tucker and moving all Clay’s things home.  Marlee Koob for all your support and staying with Clay so we could eat and get some rest.  To all Clay’s friends and ours for coming to the hospital and for making us laugh.  A big thank you to Rick Begon and Dave Hunter for your quick thinking and for staying with the boys until emergency responders got there.  Ken Lange for holding Clay’s hand while he was trapped in the car.  To the Gold River Ambulance crew, Gold River Volunteer Fire Department and the RCMP for taking such good care of the boys. Grieg Seafood for looking after Joe and I while we were in Victoria, we could not have done it without you.  Last but not least to the Gold River Health Clinic for your fast thinking and professionalism.

I don’t know if we can ever thank you all enough.

Joe and Terry Rye

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