Cold Pricklies for Behavior at Muchalaht Lake from Fellow Campers

Hello there,

I wanted to let everyone know about our recent visit to your beautiful lake on the long weekend. We arrived like everyone else, hoping for a spot at the campsite knowing full well it would be full and busy, after all it was a long weekend. We drove around and found a lakefront site so we jumped out to look closer. Well after a quick walk around we discovered not only two large barking dogs whose owner would not take control of the barking, but large dog bombs all over the empty site. Gross. So we moved on and lucked out with what looked like the last site available. 聽It was great, nice and sunny and not too far from the dock. We unpacked and began our day. The dock was a popular spot for sure with many families and dogs around. No problem, there was plenty of room for everyone, so we joined in. Well, it wasn’t long before we figured out there was a large group there who knew each other. Cool. We like that as we also have large groups of people when we camp as we play ball and are used to this. Well, as the day went on people drank more and more, and the discussions turned very inappropriate, especially since there were many children present. Soon the noise was quite loud as we notice drones above us. Drones are neat and I bet you can get some great shots. What we didn’t like was the fact that they kept hovering over the dock area where people were sun bathing including many young girls. Creepy and invasive. Anyways, back to the campsite we went. Partying was not too bad that night. The dock was in full swing again the next day with many of the group. At this point we discovered there was no camp host which was fine, everyone got a reprieve from paying 馃槉

What was maddening was the fact that when we returned to watch the sunset, the water was completely littered with floating beer cans, cigarette butts and garbage from one side of the dock to the other. After talking with others, it was told that many of the beer cans were sunk in the lake and the newly erected sign was nowhere to be found although someone had been seen trying to surf on it in the lake. Once again back to our campsite. We then were blessed with the ATVs going around and around the campsite for hours on end before someone decided to block them with their truck. Slowed them down but didn’t stop it. Bedtime came and the partying started… and went most of the night with ATV’s flying by at a high rate of speed at 1:30 am. Again no camp host so no rules, we get it happens at all the free rec sites as well. The final day was spent packing up and enjoying as much as the sunshine as we could before we left. On the way down to the lake one of us stopped to use the outhouse and came across, not one but two piles of human excrement, right next to the outhouse complete with toilet paper. That was beyond comprehension. I think the hardest thing to swallow was that almost all the people I am speaking of were from Gold River itself. This makes me angry that this is your beautiful lake and you are representing your town. The initial thought was if this was my first impression of this town, I would never come back. Fortunately we have had many trips to your wonderful town and I know this is not a true representation of your fine community. We will very much miss Anita but look forward to meeting the new camp host and hoping that having a host in place will deter this kind of behaviour in the future. We love your lake and it is very sad to see people treat their own backyard this way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We feel like the people of Gold River would be just as upset as we are.

Submitter does not wish for their name to be published.

From The Buzz – I believe the Camp Host position does not start until July 1st, (correct me if I’m wrong) which is why Anita, or any other host would not have been there.

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9 comments to Cold Pricklies for Behavior at Muchalaht Lake from Fellow Campers

  • Sandie

    And this is the reason why there is a camp host and why fees are charged. Maybe the camp host needs to start prior to the May long weekend. Sorry that a few have to wreck it for the majority. They are certainly setting a fine example for their children.

  • Rob Ledahl

    Miriam Trevis What a shameful commentary on what should have been a glorious and fun filled weekend for everyone. Unfortunately I doubt whether the culprits will recognise themselves or acknowledge their inappropriate behaviour. What a disgusting way to represent this beautiful community and its residents.
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    Rob LeDahl
    Rob LeDahl The litter left around was disappointing. The wife and I went around the day after and cleaned up behind the rowdies. While many of the sites had been left clean, there were a few sites that were left quite messy. We packed out a couple trash bags full. It’s a shame that the actions of a few reflects badly on the whole. (And what the hell is with crap and toilet paper scattered around the outhouses?)
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    Miriam Trevis
    Miriam Trevis Well done Rob and Marion and thank you.
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    Rob LeDahl
    Write a reply…

    Rob LeDahl
    Rob LeDahl ……….and then you hear the young folk bitch and complain how WE screwed up the environment
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    Melony Larre
    Melony Larre Way to represent Gold River 馃檨 how very disappointing
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    Elisa Sommerfeld
    Elisa Sommerfeld You guys should put your comments in the article so that the people who wrote the letter can read your thoughts 馃槈
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    Melony Larre
    Melony Larre I tried – you can’t post right now
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    Elisa Sommerfeld
    Elisa Sommerfeld Oh? I just read it and there was a comment box below the article. Strange! 馃檭
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    Rob LeDahl
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    Rob LeDahl
    Rob LeDahl As far as ATVs racing around at 1:30 am, I can only recall one (I assume) drunk ripping around in the wee hours.
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    Rob LeDahl
    Rob LeDahl On a dirt bike
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    Melony Larre
    Melony Larre Seems legal, safe and sane…
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    Rob LeDahl
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    Rob LeDahl

  • D Norman

    Thank you for your letter, I agree with everything you said, we were actually the ones who finally blocked the road! Rules are posted on the doors in the outhouses, but as usual for some, rules are for other
    people! I hope if enough people complain they will get a host out there from May on as I think that the lake is a great place for families, partiers can stay home and get loaded and leave the quiet for those who enjoy it!

  • pat

    I feel that thanks to the party goers who have now ruined it yet again for those who enjoy out lake should be named. Because now those of us that enjoy and maintain our campsites are going to have to PAY the price for you ruining it. Camp Hosts costs. So now they will be there earlier than July or this year June which means we have to pay to stay. NOT everyone can afford this or I should say pay to stay for more than a couple of weeks. That is why I tried to camp mostly before July but I did contribute in August. Upsets me that we are getting negative feed back yet again on our locals being inconsiderate of others. There that is my RAVE for the month.

  • Eloise

    This is such a disappointing commentary on Campsite use and abuse.

    For those people who tried to make a difference in the disrespect of others – thank-you.

    For those who tried to effect a light clean-up – thank-you.

    For those perpetrators of the actions and disrespect of the people and the place – shame on you!

    Is there grant funding to have a host in place as early as May 21st weekend, moving forward?

    This terrible behaviour saddens me.

  • S. Bohn

    Very sorry that these people had to put up with the rowdies that unfortunately were present on this long weekend. We also blocked our road from the constant atvers. Hosts are great and are starting in June this year but whether or not a host is present people should respect each other and if you cannot do that and have some drinks also then maybe you should stay home.. The lake is for everyone to enjoy. The letter should be forwarded to the forestry department.

  • suzanne trevis

    If the people are from Gold River, then you all know who they are. Say something to their face or let the rest of us know who they are. Ranting and raving to each other is not letting them know how wrong their behaviour is. They also need to know that as a community we won’t put up with it. Why do you think all the sites around Upper Campbell were closed? People take advantage and ruin it for others. Speak up or shut up.

  • Villoy

    People that behave in this way don’t give two hoots what anyone thinks of it! They are there to party and to heck with anyone who is not interested in their kind of enjoyment It certainly reflects badly on Gold River and unfortunately there is more and more of this kind of behavior becoming the norm.
    when Bob and I came to Gold River, we were excited and happy to be a part of the community. Sadly I see the deterioration of manners and a distinct lack of respect from a certain and ongrowing element of the community. I miss the good people of Gold River but i sure don’t miss that disrespectful, nasty group of people. PS: Naming them will do nothing to stop it. They really don’t care what anyone else thinks of their behaviour. Maybe a little police presence would help??

  • Mark

    Unfortunately this behavior is not new and it will always continue. I remember when I moved here in the early 80’s, the local party spots were always full of trash. Antler lake, Peppercorn park, deep hole etc. It has improved somewhat, but those places still accumulate trash by mid summer. I often go down with a garbage bag to pick up drink containers and snack bags. Some people are inconsiderate of others and the beautiful land we live in.

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