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Covanta / Green Island Energy News

After hearing about the news story which aired on GlobalTV (I believe) which all but came right out and said that the Covanta / Green Island Energy power plant project is finished here in Gold River, I decided to ask Mayor Anderson for more information.

If you read the Resident Spotlight this week, you’ll know that he touched on this subject a bit, and stated that the news reports were inaccurate, and that he encourages Gold River residents to ask Council for correct and up to date information.

Here is what Craig told me today:

“After talking with Thomas Lyons this past Tuesday he said, and I quote, ‘Covanta is committed to having a power project in Gold River and fully expect to win the Request for Proposal from Metro Vancouver.’

Mayor Anderson also stated that Council will be meeting with Covanta / Green Island Energy on Tuesday January 26th to be fully updated and briefed.

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  • Tyrone

    Jim, I will send you the information you requested. Can you email me at hamblinhdyro [at] hotmail [dot] com so I can send it to you? I can’t find a way to attach pictures on here. Please, if possible, respond on this site. You bring up some valid concerns and I want to remain 100% open and transparent.


    Q – Is Nootka Hydro a Canadian company?

    A – Yes, we are 100% Canadian. Our company is based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

    Q – What are the benefits to the local economy

    A – With our most up to date information. This project will create around 65 construction jobs, generate roughly $48,000 in taxes and create one full time position and seasonal jobs as required once complete.

    Q – Will our hydro rates come down?

    A – I have no control over this. I can give you my opinion, but it will just be my opinion.

    Q – Privatization of Canadian water to foreign companies.

    A – Again, we are 100% Canadian. However we only have a “lease” on the water for 41 years. After that, we will have to re-apply for another set time frame. Should the government decide to “not renew”, then we will restore the site as close as possible to pre-construction. To my knowledge there are no more indefinite water licenses granted – which I support 100%!

    Here is our water license application:


  • Nootka Hydro

    Those are interesting articles Jim.

    If we (Nootka Hydro) even attempted to sell or trade water I doubt our project would proceed; Environmentally and Economically. Our project is based on using and returning the water to the creek above the natural fish barriers. If we permanently removed that quantity of creek water it would have severe impacts on the local Environment and habitat. Our allotment would be significantly reduced and the reduction in output would make the project uneconomical.

    Our company is committed to: being a positive presence in the town of Gold River, generating clean energy, and being good Environmental Stewards. Nootka Hydro will never sell water.


  • jim nasium

    i cant seem to find any info. about “nootka hydro”, is this the proper company name?, or is there a parent company?

  • Jerry West

    Might be of interest:

    April 07, 2010

    Nootka Hydro Project Looks Feasible

    Miriam Trevis

    The Record

    While the primary focus for the past few years in Gold River has been the Green Island Energy/Covanta power plant at the former mill site, quietly behind the scenes, other smaller operations are being planned which will assist in bringing economic stability to this area.

    A prime example is Nootka Hydro which for the past few years has been planning a run-of-the-river power project on Ahaminqas Creek, running adjacent and through parts of the former Bowater mill property. As is always the case with such operations, extensive environmental studies have to be completed together with ongoing records of flow changes in the creek. All of these studies are currently underway and indications are that this project is feasible. Negotiations with the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations are also ongoing and permission is still being sought from Muchalat Industries for access to the project site. Until this permission is received, the project cannot move forward.

    Preliminary studies have indicated that Ahaminqas Creek is not a fish bearing stream and while a large amount of debris is being carried, all indications are that the Creek and its existing network of roads will suffice for the project. Approximately 700 metres of road will need to be constructed and the penstock (or pipeline) route will be 2200 metres. No new transmission lines will need to be installed. The plant will be constructed at the base of the existing 138 Kv power lines.

    Once operational, the project will provide 4.1 MW, sufficient power for 1500 homes. The construction phase will see 65 jobs created for approximately two years and the power project will generate approximately $48,000 in taxes annually to the Village of Gold River. An annual water rental fee of $10,000 will be paid to the government.

    Copyright (c) 2010, West’s International

  • jim nasium

    thanks jerry much appreciated, i still have some questions unanswered tho from my 11:57 feb 1st post, maybe tyrone could fill us in on some of the details?

  • jim nasium

    wonder also what the mowachaht muchalaht will be compensated? paid?

  • jim nasium

    cant find any info. on “nootka hydro”, must be a division of another company?, but who?

  • GR Girl

    Hi all;

    You will notice there’s a new comment in the thread written at 12:52am. If there’s more than two links in a comment, my spam program will not post it until I’ve moderated it.

    Just FYI.

  • Nootka Hydro

    Thanks Jerry for re-posting that article!

    As mentioned in the article, we are delayed while we continue to negotiate site access with Muchalat Industries. Once site access is defined, we will be able to finalize many details; including negotiations with Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations. We are hoping to have some news to release within 30 days.

    Nootka Hydro Inc is not a division of any other company.


  • jim nasium

    sounds good tyrone and i thank you for your quick and transparent response…as far as accountability?, god forbid something should go wrong, what mechanisms are/will be in place to ensure that if something goes wrong in whatever capacity, that it will be taken care of and not just abandoned or the buck passed?, im sure that you can agree given the recent bp oil spill that every precaution should be taken to ensure the safety of fragile ecosystems…

  • jim nasium

    oh ya, do you have any other projects under way or operating elsewhere?

  • Nootka Hydro


    We are going to have a few means to insure that we don’t run the creek dry. I am going to insure we have median select transmitters. In laymans terms that will mean we will have 3 separate level transmitters ( A, B, and C channels) that will control the level. All three Channels will be feed separately to the control system. An average of the three transmitters will then determine how much goes to the turbine or stays to the creek.

    For example:

    A – channel reads “9”
    B – channel reads “11”
    C – channel reads “10”

    The controls will average the three and use “10”.

    If ones goes into “deviation” (has a difference greater then 10% +/-). The control system will remove that channel from the equation and trigger an alarm.


    A channel reads 9
    B channel reads 11
    C channel reads 0

    The controls will now “see” C channel in deviation. This triggers an alarm for us to initiate repairs AND removes C channel from the equation. So basically the controls will see and avg of 10. The plant will continue to run normally as this type of control system exceeds Government requirements. However it will be a very high priority to get it fixed. The system can’t run on one transmitter and will trip off. Thus returning 100% of the water to the creek.

    Most importantly though we will have an open pipe that will have no isolators on either end and is strictly a mechanical device. It is similar to an overflow in your sink or bathtub. It will be sized to maintain the minimum flow requirements in the creek and will be located far below the waterline or take off for the turbine. In other words it will ALWAYS get first priority of the water available.

    I hope I answered your question, if not let me know!

    We do hold a water license on Heber River. But we have only done minimal investigation. I don’t even want to call it a project, it is more of an idea at this stage. This will be a very complex project due to the presence of fish in the river.

    We have interest in 3 other projects. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose more then that at this time. But when I can, I will let you know. If we can’t get site access to Ahaminqas Creek we will be focusing our attention on the other projects.


  • jim nasium

    thanks again Tyrone and i wish you luck on your first endeavor, ahaminqas, as im well aware the heber has fish as i fish it often, when open for angling, and i would hate to see anything happen to that gem of a river, no offence, maybe i’ll come for a tour when its finished, not to worry as im sure i’ll have many more questions, lol, so far so good…cheers

  • Nootka Hydro

    Actually Jim, Thank You, for asking your questions; feel free to ask more! I hope one day I will be able to give you and many others a tour of the project/facility.

    Tyrone :-)

  • jim nasium

    it really is a wonder why more ppl dont ask more questions?

  • jim nasium

    okay Tyrone, are these water rites on our local creeks and streams transferable and/or able to be sold to another perspective buyer?, or are they only to be able to be acted on by the original company/person who they were issued? and if an entity has the rites to a creek or stream are they able to bring in whomever they wish for operational and construction purposes?

  • Nootka Hydro

    Hello Jim, please find my answers below :-)

    Q – Are these water rights on our local creeks and streams transferable and/or able to be sold to another perspective buyer? Or are they only to be able to be acted upon by the original company/person who they were issued?

    A – People and/or companies can divest, abandon, trade or sell there applications/licenses as required. However it is important to note that the “type”, quantity and lenght of time remain un-changed.

    On the Ahaminqas Creek application we are allotted 1.35 m3/sec for power generation.

    Example #1 – If Nootka Hydro for whatever reason decided to divest the application to ABC rice farms for $1 and no project was present. Technically we could, but the new owners of ABC rice farms cannot just use the allotment for rice farming. They would have to file for abandonment of the Power General application, and submit a new and applicable application. Basically go through the existing application processes and re-apply.

    Example #2 – If the project was up and running and there was 15 years left on the license. Again, we could sell the project and the license to ABC Rice Farms for $1. But strickly for power generation. If ABC Rice Farms wanted to amend the license, they would have to go through the proper process. Again, they could not unilaterally decide to use the water for power generation and farming; only for power generation. The length of the license remains the same regardless of the owner. They would still have 15 years left on the license and would need to re-apply to increase it.

    Q – If an entity has the rights to a creek or stream are they able to bring in whomever they wish for operational and construction purposes?

    A – Yes, as long as all said companies meet Federal and Provincial codes and laws. Adding to this, We will try and hire local trades and businesses as much as possible.


  • jim nasium

    okay well here is my concern, you said that you are 100% canadian owned, what if for some reason you had to transfer the rites?, to say an american company?, well then we have yet another foreign owner with the water rites to one of our streams, and now exploiting yet another one of our precious natural resources,fish farms foreign, raw log exports, water now, whats next?, the air?, do you see where im going with this?, no offence but transfering rites over to an entity as long as they pass fed and prov regs. doesnt exactly enstill confidence, as it seems the govt will sell out the taxpayer and privatize anything they can get their greedy hands on, especially our most prized Canadian possessions, our natural resources, i can tell you honestly that it nearly makes me physically sick to see what is going on in this country in regards to our resources….

  • jim nasium

    forgot to add, now if a foreign owned company has the rites, where is the profit going?, certainly not back into the canadian economy, whats also quite weird is why the village of gold river wouldnt have taken the initiative of gaining these water rites and proceeding forward with some of these projects themselves, why?

  • Nootka Hydro


    Yes, you are right. We (Nootka Hydro) could at anytime sell or transfer our water applications to a foreign owned individual or corporation. Although that is not our intention or plan at this time.

    As for the profits, after a company has paid there taxes and expenses, they can utilize there profits where it best suits them.

    Unfortunately some of your concerns are more Political/Village questions and I don’t think it is appropriate for me to speak on their behalfs or offer my opinions.

  • DoggieDoc

    Tyrone, a few things:

    1 – Perhaps this thread should be on a seperate thread? IMO you have hijacked Covanta’s thread…..

    2 – How long will it take to build the Ahaminqas (sp??) project? How long will these 65 jobs last?

  • Nootka Hydro


    1 – I will see if I can get this moved….you are right, thanks.

    2 – These jobs will last for 2 years. Upon completion we hope to have another project ready and the jobs will continue on.


  • DoggieDoc


    Are you telling me there will be 65 jobs for 2 years on 5 projects? Basically 10 years of construction jobs for Gold River?

  • GR Girl

    Hi all – I have started a separate thread and copied all comments in regard to Nootka Hydro there.

    Please continue the discussion on the new thread.



  • Kevin

    No Power No jobs when is the next BIG announcement?

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