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Gold River Food Bank Thanks You

via Rob Hoffman

Thanks, Gold River, for your continued generosity. I am no longer surprised but again proud of our community. Thanks to you, this past year we have been able to assist everyone who has come for a little help in their time of need. If you have ever been in such need (as I have been myself) you know what that “little bit of help” can mean. We want to thank Brad Unger and SuperValu for working with us so closely all year long, as well as the many community and school groups who help supply the bank, often in very creative ways (if you would like to know how a pizza can be turned into a can of veggies for the bank ask Mr. Levering at GRSS sometime). And naturally I want to thank Heather Warwick, who for many, is the face of the Food Bank. She works tirelessly to make things work. Thank you Heather.

At this point in time, even following the Christmas Hamper distribution, your bank has food on the shelves and some money in the (other kind of) bank. Thus, as usual, there are no planned food drives in the near future, but your regular till tape and food donations are always welcomed. Your help is appreciated by those you have helped – nameless though they be.

And never forget, if you have even a small need for food assistance, or know someone who does, please contact myself or Heather. There’s help, and it’s confidential.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas everyone! God bless! Happy New Year!

Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman 283-7241 -Christian Fellowship church office

Heather Warwick 283-7319 -

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