How to Advertise or Post on the Buzz

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I’m still getting questions on how to post to The Buzz.  It’s simple – only I can do this!

Please send what you’d like posted and I’ll take it from there.

I will always post the following free of charge:

  • Community events/info
  • Non-commercial and non-Governmental notices
  • Fundraisers
  • Community Group events/ info
  • Non profit events/announcements
  • Lost/Found
  • Warm Fuzzies / Cold Pricklies
  • Misc Non-Profit Announcements
  • Birthdays/Congratulations

If you are a business, selling something or putting on an event which makes money, (and is not a fundraiser) I do charge a fee. Please see the Advertising page for more info. (Ie: House for rent, garage sale, boat for sale, etc.)

Commercial and /or Governmental notices will have a regular business fee attached.

I can be reached by using the Contact page, or by emailing info [at] goldriverbuzz [dot] com. You can send a photo or file through the email address, but only text through the contact page.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free ask.

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  • grbuzz

    Please do not use this comment space as a way to advertise. This post is for informational purposes ONLY as it clearly states. Please contact me if you wish to advertise.

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