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Just a note…

I’ve reopened commenting on the Covanta/Green Island Energy post.  I had closed comments earlier today due to some comments getting out of hand.  Part of what I had in mind for this website was for it to be a forum for discussion on community issues and events.   I probably allowed the discussion to go on longer than I should have as a bit of name calling and low blows began.

I’ve also had to monitor (and erase) separate comments on other posts not related to GIE as one was a veiled personal attack and the other was a pile of racist garbage (to put it mildly).  I’d like those posters to know that I did try to contact them each through the email addresses submitted, but my emails were returned as the addresses weren’t valid.  I took note of both IP numbers in the event that either decide to post the same type of garbage in the future.

By all means, I would like everyone to please continue to use the Buzz for discussion and the sharing of opinions and ideas.  But I must insist that everyone be respectful and mature in expressing your opinions, and refrain from personal attacks.

Pretty please?  With whip cream on top?? :)

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