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Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday to Jerry West!  The Buzz wishes you a fantastic day!

Jerry West

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Resident Spotlight – Brandee Robinson

BrandeeThis Resident Spotlight is unique in that I have yet to meet her in ‘real’ life!  We are Facebook chatters! :)  I do know however, that I have eaten some of her great tasting food!  Thanks so much Brandee. :)

How long have you lived in Gold River? What brought you here?

My family and I moved to Gold River in July of 2013.

What do you do for (paid) work?

I currently am the Manager at Pipers on the Ridge, a position I recently took over. Prior to this I had been working as the Head Chef up here.

Please tell us about any volunteer work you do.

I was always taught to help where needed. And to do so without expecting a return of any sort. That said, I do my best to lend my time wherever it may be needed. This has landed me in a lot of different places as far as volunteering throughout my life. From mentoring troubled youth, to cooking meals for the less fortunate, to building campsites in the deep wilderness as part of a cultural exchange.

Please tell us a bit about your family.

My partner Samantha and I have 2 daughters, 1 granddaughter and a grandchild on the way. Our older daughter, Lee Ann, makes her home on the coast in Ahousaht with her husband and daughter(they are about to welcome a son this August). Our youngest Mary, lives with us here in Gold River and attends GRSS going into grade 10 next September. My partner is a member of Tsaxana’s Johnson family, so she has deep roots here. Moving to Gold River was 1 part the need for a smaller town and 1 part bringing our family closer to our family here.

Brandees family

Do you have any pets?

Our little family shares our lives with Meela. Meela has been a Gold Riverite longer than I have been and she only in recent months joined our family. But she has been a very welcomed and loved addition to our lives and hearts. She’s a very loving dog that knows without a doubt she is the queen of all our hearts. Our family is about to welcome Mason to the fold. A 1 year old male cat.

What do you like to do for fun?

Fun for me and my family is different day to day. But it most often leads to something outdoors, whether we are fishing, hiking or camping. We also love to take part in our culture as it is the root to our lives. Aside from that, a good family card night or movie night is always a must.

What do you wish Gold River had that it doesn’t? Is there anything missing for you?

More accessible family events. Where my daughters and I lived before they had a town family event every couple of months. It would be nice to see here. It was down to earth, good honest family interaction. Nothing fancy. Just fun events for the entire family to participate in.

And just for fun – if you had 1 million dollars to donate to the community in any way you wished – what would you do with the money?

A million dollars? Most likely into youth and family needs. I grew up the youngest of 18 kids. So family is extremely key to me. A family is at its strongest when their lives reflect their love in every aspect of their daily goings. That said I would love for the youth to always have access to gyms, pools, rinks, outdoor activities etc. etc. Not just on their own but with their families as well. I’m a sucker for things that benefit a community as a whole. So I would do my best to make sure the dollars saw their way into as many lives as possible.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I cannot say enough about life since moving here. From a month out at Yuqout, to the months spent amongst the Gold River community. Life has been good to us here. I work a lot and don’t get to go out and mingle as much as I possibly would like. But the time I have spent with my family and friends has been nothing short of memorable. I feel like I have truly found home. I am excited and eager for our future here in this beautiful town.

~Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets…so love the people who treat you right…forget the ones who don’t…and believe that everything happens for a reason..if you get a chance take it if it changes your life let it. nobody said that it would be easy..just promised it would be worth it~

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Summer Fun Co-Ed Program

Summer Program

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Tahsis Artisans’ Coop Opening June 28th

The Tahsis Artisans’ Coop is proud to announce the beginning of its fifth season!
Opening day is Saturday, June 28th 11 – 4.
Come to browse, enter your name for a door prize and have a snack.
The shop is open until September 1st.
Hours are 11 – 4 Monday to Saturday and 1:00 to 4:00 on Sundays.
Located in the hall of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on the hill above the Westview Marina
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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of our Grumpy
(Jim Power)
March 09, 1923 – June 23, 2002
Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, Unheard but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
Love You Always,
The Gang
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Pipers on the Ridge Seeking Staff

We at Pipers are seeking energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing people to join our staff.
We are seeking : servers, bartenders, cooks, bussers, janitorial.
Please bring your resumes to Brandee Robinson, manager @Pipers. Please no phone calls.
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Assistant Clubhouse Manager Needed at Golf Course

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY grgcPlease also email bunger [at] cablerocket [dot] com.

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Student Job Available at Golf Course

Grounds Crew

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Help Needed For Canada Day Weekend

Hello Gold River!

Debbie Erickson doesn’t have Facebook but I am relaying her message here. She needs help putting up the Nimpkish fencing for Canada Day weekend.  It needs to be done on Wednesday at the latest.  If anyone has suggestions of times to do it that would work for most people, we could really use the community’s help!


Brooke White! :)

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Seeking Furniture

Looking for basic furniture (beds, dinner table and chairs, coffee table, etc) to either donate/ loan/ or sell to fill an apartment for two Summer Students coming from out of town.  Anything would be appreciated!

Please contact Tracy at tng [at] westernforest [dot] com

Thank you very much for any help you can provide Gold River!


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