VERY Early Spring= VERY Early Kittens

Via Gold River Cat Society:

The crocuses are up, other bulbs are sprouting, and the salmonberry bushes are budding. All this means we have an earlier Spring than last year’s, if you can believe that, which then means kittens could arrive earlier than usual.

If at all possible, please ensure that, if your cats are not fixed, they remain indoors. If you cannot do that, contact the Gold River Cat Society at 250-283-7606 to help you with your cat’s spaying/neutering.

This offer is open only to people who CANNOT afford to get their pets fixed. Some people availed themselves of this service last year without proving financial hardship and took money away from those who truly needed it. Because of this, we will need those who request our help to fill out a confidential application form and supply proof that they really cannot afford the fees. If they can pay for some, we ask that they pay for their cat’s inoculations, which are cheaper than the surgery. But since private pockets are still the source of funding until we get our charity status from the CRA, please have patience if you are on the waiting list.

BTW, if a person can afford to buy and operate a large pick-up, an SUV, or a higher-end car; buy liquor/drugs; and/or buy cigarettes, his/her application may not be accepted. But we will expect you to get your cat fixed!

We will also take in any unintended litters, so PLEASE don’t throw them away like trash. We would also like to be informed of any feral (wild) litters so we can socialize them and adopt them out. At that time, we’d like you to tell us their precise location(s) so we can trap and spay the mother (vet science had progressed to the point where Dr. Dave can spay a lactating female without drying up her milk).

Giving a voice to those we often do not hear,

The Gold River Cat Society

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Gold River Cat Society 2014

Via Gold River Cat Society

In 2014, The Gold River Cat Society accomplished the following:

Kittens- We had a total of 49 kittens, 4 of whom did not make it because of illness. Of the other 45, two were stolen from the store (theft reported to the RCMP and on social media but have had no progress), and the rest were adopted out through Bosley’s in Campbell River. We’re still in the process of fixing the last, which were our Halloween kittens (2 all black and 2 all orange/ginger) who were adopted out in early November.

Cats- The GRCS fixed 12 owned cats. We also adopted out 5 adult cats through Bosley’s in Parksville; 3 to the CR SPCA; 3 to Cat Span’s Barn Cat program in Oceanside; and 4 to Paw Prints, a rescue based in Gibsons that sends adoptables to Vancouver’s Animals in Action and unadoptables to a barn colony on a property in Kamloops. We rehomed 2 locally.

Village of Gold River/BCSPCA Grant- This year, the GRCS trapped approx. 26 feral cats for TNR’ing (Trap, Neuter, Return) based around the Gold Crest Apts and Larch Place. We’re awaiting formal confirmation of this year’s grant, which we hope will finish the purpose of fixing all the feral cats in town; however, we have trapped the “easy” ones and now must go for those who are trap-wary. Wish us luck.

We also provide food and water to the feral cats, and food and litter to people who cannot afford the supplies.

If you know of any abandoned or feral (wild) cats or kittens, please contact us at 250-283-7606. Speak clearly and give precise locations of the cats along with any other information you think necessary.

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Chrissy Sine Receives her Bachelor of Arts Degree


Ron and Carole Sine were really proud, and pleased, to attend their daughter’s graduation from Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. Chrissy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Natural Resource Management. She has accepted a job in northern Alberta to pursue her career.
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Cold Prickly for Poop

Someone around Larch Place has a dog that does the BIGGEST dumps on the common property (which is NOT publicly owned but privately) at my unit and won’t pick it up. I see this disrespect too much in our wonderful town. Does s/he need a lesson in how to use a poop bag?  As well, people need to wait until they reach a garbage can to toss their trash. We’re not exactly devoid of them.
Joanne Folkins
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Happy Birthday to Terry Rye


Happy Birthday to Terry Rye
The best Wife, Mom and Grandma anyone could ask for
Love always from your family:
 Joe, Amanda (Mark), Clayton (Miranda), Damon, Kassidi & Baby
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Thank you to Manila Gourmet

Gary and I are extremely pleased with Gary’s birthday celebration at Manila Grill. The food was delicious, service excellent and atmosphere perfect. Lala and her staff went out of their way to make this a very enjoyable moment. We will be enjoying our special events in the future at Manila grill. A very special thanks to Lala and her staff for this enjoyable evening.
Jeanette Glass
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Village Voice in the New Year

Submitted by Don Beggs:

Happy New Year everyone!  Congratulations to our new councilors, mayor and school officials who were chosen by a reasonably good showing of our citizens at the polls. Bravo to those whom marked their choices!

Village Voice has the earnest hope that these leaders will wish to communicate individually and collectively with as many of our citizens as they are able. It is the wish of the organization to encourage that communication without bias,and to ensure that concerns and issues are well understood and addressed by our municipal representatives.

The MISSION is solely to create a vocal organizations to bring issues before our leaders and to promote unity in moving our community towards addressing majority expectations, without disregarding the voice of individuals who might have ideas , opinions, concerns or even grievances, which deserve serious attention, if not enthusiastic action.

• Structuring and electing an executive.
• A plan for interaction with our community agencies, community organizations and elected leaders.
• Agreement on some issues and their possible resolution to be taken to council or school board for direct term attention.
• Gallery representation at council and or School Board meetings.

TIME and PLACE 0f MEETING 7:00pm Chalet -Board Room – Tuesday January 13th 2015

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Congratulations to our Gold River Midget team for bringing home the Bronze medal this past weekend from their 14 team Nanaimo hockey tournament. Our kids played BEYOND amazing, going undefeated throughout the tournament.

They started off with a bang- winning the first game in a 6-0 shutout.
Second game taking the game with a 6-3 win.
Third game taking a huge lead with a 15-2 win.
Fourth game another great lead with a 7-1 win.
Ending the tournament with an extremely intense game, tying the game 4-4, sending the game into a shootout- with Gold River taking the WIN!

GR Midget Hawkes

Top left to right: Larry Rose (head coach), Adam McAllister, Waylon Savey, Kobe Amos, Jacob Tarasoff, Neil Blackburn, Austin Brunning, James Frame, Clayton Onischuk, Logan Rose, Rob Winger Bottom left to right: Shaylene Gjesdal, Dominik Bellefleur, Taylor Rose

Photo and write up via Cher Crawford

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More Cold Pricklies

Yesterday I went for a drive up the Quatchka Creek Valley and found a dead mature doe that someone had thrown off the bridge.  On closer inspection, I found that it had been shot and stripped of the prime meat only, (hind quarters, etc) and the rest left.  Cold prickles to this person or persons.
Gerald Pimlott
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Cold Pricklies For Star Lake (Ab)users

I was up at Star Lake New Years day and found that someone had been there New Years Eve.  The fire they left was hot enough to get started with a little kindling if I had wanted to.  I cleaned up the mess they left – Kokanee beer cans handy wipes, etc, but I couldn’t reach the beer cans and the rest of the garbage that they had thrown out on the ice. (What a mess!) My wife and I just moved here in July, and noticed that the people here have such high community pride like my wife and I had where we moved from and now have here in this beautiful area we now call home.  I just don’t understand how people can be so disrespectful of one of gods wonderful achievements. I cant help but think of the children that go there,what are we teaching them?

Gerry Pimlott

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