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Resident Spotlight – Melony Larre

Melony flowers_cropI haven’t known Melony for all that long, but what I do know is that she give THE BEST hugs in the world! She always has a smile on her face and time to stop and talk and always has lovely things to say.  If you call Melony a friend, then consider yourself very lucky! 🙂

How long have you lived in Gold River?

I’ve lived in Gold River for eight years. I actually can’t believe it been that long!

What brought you here?

My husband was the Principal in Kyuquot for four years. When we came to Gold River for his interview, I fell in love with this community. We visited frequently for my husbands work and the more I saw of this tiny Village the more I liked it. When a position became available at the school district office we made the move and loaded our belonging onto the M.V Uchuck III.

What do you do for (paid) work?

I’ve been pretty fortunate to always have a great job while I’ve been residing here in Gold River. Right now I am the Literacy Outreach Coordinator for the Gold River Literacy Society. It is a non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of the residents of Gold River through literacy and a variety of learning initiatives. It very worthwhile work and I am currently focused on keeping the society sustainable as we have recently had our funding cut back. I’ve also attempted to maintain and expand on the programs and events we provide to the community. Very challenging but very fun work and I am thrilled to be getting to know so many of the residents of Gold River that I had not met before now.

I am also fortunate to have a seasonal position as the breakfast cook at the prestigious (and beautiful) Lodge at Gold River. I am new to both positions and am really feeling welcomed by both the GRLS Board members and volunteers, as well as the staff and management at The Lodge at Gold River.

Please tell us about any volunteer work you do.

I have been active in our RWES PAC for the last 7 years. I am currently the PAC president although I should let it be known that I am eager to pass along the torch so I will be stepping down at our AGM in September. Please get your nominations ready!

Please tell us a bit about your family.

I am married to my wonderful husband, Stephen and together we have two of the sweetest kids ever. Our son Ben is thirteen and attends GRSS, he enjoys food, drama, basketball and video games (in no particular order). Our daughter Katie is seven and loves art, gymnastics and dance. They are the reason I get up every morning and fall into bed exhausted every night – I love them!

Melony & kids Melony & Stephen

Do you have any pets?

I do and I really wanted to include them in the above question because the are really part of our family too. We have a little cat named Snookie who is a fierce hunter and semi-outdoor prowler, with a bad attitude! However, our home is filled with the personality of our 3 year old Newfoundland Dog, Watson. This guy loves the water and taking us for walks. He’s shown us what a strong beastie he is and has taught us so much about perseverance. My dog is pretty great!


Katie & Watson
What do you like to do for fun?

I’ve recently discovered yoga! That’s been a great experience!! I also read quite a bit, sew a little and visit with friends. Our family loves to camp in the summer and we love to travel as well.

What do you wish Gold River had that it doesn’t? Is there anything missing for you?

I wish we had an active industry of some kind (in addition to forestry of course) that would bring more families to Gold River to live. I’d also love more stuff for the children and youth in our community to do – both recreationally and educationally.

And just for fun – if you had 1 million dollars to donate to the community in any way you wished – what would you do with the money?

Oh WOW! 1 million dollars wouldn’t scratch the surface for what I’d love to do for this community!! I guess I’d want to use the money to create programs and activities for the kids in our Village. Maybe a skatepark or a youth centre. Some better playground equipment at our schools and parks would be great, and of course, I’d love to donate a good chunk to literacy initiatives in our community 🙂

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks so much for asking me to be the Resident Spotlight! It’s an honour 🙂

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Teddy Bear Clinic


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Danzig Mine – Was Worked in the 1940’s

Via Gary Engh

These pictures were taken around the Danzig mine site at Silverado Creek across from Gore Island. The first claims were staked in 1925, mining started in 1938, with silver, gold, and zinc ore transferred to the mouth of the Silverado Creek.

Pilings are still there from the plank road that extended to the base of the mine site, where iron rails for the ore cars climbed steeply to the shaft. Along the old plank road there is a rusty 4 cylinder donkey engine, and the remains of the camp that was made with corrogated steel. There are 2 ore cars beside the rails, and a blacksmith’s forge. By looking at the old map on Google, I would say the shaft extends 400 feet or so, but has caved in 40 feet in. Peering over top of the rubble, the shaft can be seen with the rail tracks vanishing in the gloom.

silverado mine 007 silverado mine 008 silverado mine 009 silverado mine 011


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Gold River Golf Course Looking for a Server

The Gold River Golf Course is looking for a server for 5 nights per week
You must have your Serving it Right ticket or be willing to get it. (Very easy, can be done for a nominal fee online)
Please contact Jennifer Leighton at 283-7266 or by email: grgolfclub [at] hotmail [dot] com
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Ride for Jeneece Place: Aug 22

Ride for Jeneece Place

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Wood to Wonderful: West Coast Carving

Wood to Wonderful - West Coast Carving

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22nd Annual Muchalaht Masters Family Trout Derby!

WOW – 22 years – that’s amazing!  A big congrats to all who have helped over the years!

Derby Welcome

Derby Schedule

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Annie Handley Band will be performing for 2 nights at The Ridge August 28th and 29th

~Sneak Preview~

The Annie Handley Band will be performing for 2 nights at The Ridge August 28th and 29th. Here is your opportunity to see of one Vancouver Island’s rising stars. Music starts at 7 p.m. but get their early because the Ridge expects a full house.


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Great Nights Of Entertainment At The Ridge

Great Nights Of Entertainment At The Ridge

Are you ready for some Hillbilly fun?

Then make sure to stop into the Ridge Saturday August 22nd. Kin Fo has been entertaining crowds with their energetic foot-stompin ass-wigglin rock. The type of music you love having a good time to. You can’t help but enjoy yourself with the sight of all those original funky looking homemade instruments they like to play.

All the fun gets under way at 7 o’clock

On August 28th and 29th Ann Henley will be performing and on September 11th The Ridge is proud to present The Bluecats, a jazz and blues band that will blow you away

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