Ray Watkins School 50 Years Old!

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  • Katherine Elliot

    I remember choir with Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Hernandez’s wedding that the whole school was invited to, volunteering in the library,the bicycle rodeos, I remember Liz’s bike getting run over by the garbage truck, sock hops, sports, swinging on the swings, thinking we could go right around the top bar. Chinese skipping, Aunty Shirley substituting,cutting through the middle of the old buildings to go to class, and not getting caught. Getting sent to the principals office. Yes people, I was not always an angel. Boys had cooties lol. It’s what made me into the person I am today. I was and always will be proud to have been a student in the old GRES. I will always hold dear, each and everyone of you who were my friends and still are. It wasn’t always easy. I remember going out to the old Strathcona Lodge to learn survival skills. Hiding out in the woods, looking for softballs and taking our time, and yes back down to the principals office. I think each and everyone of us are so lucky to have grown up and gone to school in the best little town on this island.

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