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Thank You From Northgate Church

Northgate Church recently hosted a week long children’s program but we didn’t do it alone, and we want our community to recognize just how much we appreciate them!

First, we’d like to thank our Fields Store for all the wonderful prizes that they donated for the kids on our final day. THANK YOU! Then we’d like to thank the Legion for their kind donation of the popcorn and cotton candy machines – along with the supplies to make them! What a generous donation! THANK YOU! We’d also like to mention, the willingness of our village workers who emptied our garbage bin BEFORE our event started on Monday so that we could “play” at the back of the church without incident. THANK YOU!

And finally, a huge THANK YOU to everyone in our plaza; merchants and villagers, who kindly put up with VERY excited children all week. We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community. Northgate Church Gold River

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