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Warm Fuzzies to…

The Gold River Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank Super Valu and Clayworks Cafe for donating food to our volunteer firefighters on December 23.

It is acts of generosity like these that make Gold River a great place to live.  We greatly appreciate your support to our community.

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2 comments to Warm Fuzzies to…

  • Eva

    Dec 24th….a tragedy could have happened here in Gold River, we lost two houses and all the belongings….but no lives were lost, Thank you Gold River, especially the volunteers who coordinated the donations. Big bouquets to all of our small businesses. We cannot compare your generosity, there is so much compassion here. We do not know how we can repay everyone for their kindness. The joys of a small community. Only in Gold River…..Seriously need our logo to have that on there …”only in Gold River!”

  • Eva

    This one is for the Volunteer Firefighters, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Volunteers are so special, each and every one of you dedicate your lives to saving others. We will never ever forget all that you do….The families of Tsaxana…

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