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I thought I’d make a page where residents can add their own “Warm Fuzzies’, thank you’s or share something wonderful that’s caught their eye and warmed their heart.

Is is NOT for “Cold Prickles”, “Grouchy Geese” or anything else of the like.  Anything negative will be deleted.  (It is also not for advertising of any kind.)

I am the only one that can add to the Buzz website, but anyone can leave a comment here!  So if you’d like to leave any type of Warm Fuzzy, please do so below.  Oh, and if you wish to keep updated, you can also click the little box (under the “Post Comment” button) to be notified of any additional comments by email.

Your Warm Fuzzy will not end up in this part of the post, it will be below in the comment section.  So – have a Warm Fuzzy to share?  Let’s get going!

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15 comments to Warm Fuzzies

  • Karin Plamondon

    Not long ago, I was on my way back to Campbell River when I started experiencing car troubles about 10 minutes out of Gold River. My timing was perfect. 5 minutes later and the gas station would have been closed for the night. So as my luck would have it, “Crow” and a local tow truck driver who happened along, were able to fix the problem and get me back on the road home. I am so grateful to these two for being there. I made it home with no problems Thank you!! From an almost stranded driver.

  • grbuzz

    (Moved from Advertising)

    Wow, what a wonderful 50th Birthday! Thank you to so many for all the hard work in organizing this event. It was so great to see so many friendly faces around town and so many we have not seen in way too many years. For those of you who travelled from near and far to help celebrate, please come back again soon. For those who could not be here, we missed you and hope you will be able to visit soon. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    Nicki Hammell

  • Joanne Folkins

    I’d like to thank the wonderful peson(s) who cleared Scout Lake trail of the windthrows. It’s so much easier to walk when not having to climb over trees.

  • Joanne Folkins

    Once again, my hiking group and I wish to offer truck loads of thanks to Mike Alstrup, Kevin Dello, and Dan McLeod for clearing the Antler Lake trail. We walked around it today for the first time since the wind storm and realized how much damage that night had done to the forest. All of your work clearing and redirecting the path must have taken many, many hours. Expect a donation from us soon.

    Other Gold Riverites might want to offer help or a donation as well.

  • grbuzz

    Please remember this is a the Warm Fuzzy page – all other comments will be erased.

  • D Beggs

    A group of very solid citizens have brilliantly demonstrated how to revive an important organization for their community. Every founding member of the Chamber of Commerce revival can be justly proud of his or her effort and achievement. These modest and energetic people have quietly created a very effective organization, which is providing significant hope for revitalizing this splendid village. Among many achievements, has been their most generous and supportive approach in providing meeting space for community interest groups in their beautiful new office.

  • D Beggs

    Kudos to the village council and staff for providing free swim lessons to our children during spring break, as well as for the job they are doing in keeping our village so clean, particularly after our wind storm.

  • Angie and Glenn Frame

    We want to say a huge thank you to the work party who filled our driveway and carport with firewood last Saturday. We really appreciate the help and consider ourselves so lucky to live among these caring helpful people.
    Thanks again.

    Angie and Glenn Frame

  • angie frame

    HiKyra, I don’t know how you do this but i would really like all Buzz readers not just the warm and fuzzies to read these thank you”s. Please correct any spelling grammar etc. that need to be done. xx Angie

    THANK YOU RICK JONES. THANK YOU TOM MACKENZIE. THANK YOU DENNY WYNNE. Huge warm and fuzzy thank you’s to these guys who showed up with a wood splitter in our driveway this morning to split and stack the wood we got delivered 3 weeks ago from some other really nice guys, sorry I was ill cannot name names but you know who you are. THANK YOU.
    It is overwhelming the amount of help and offers we have had since Glenn became ill again. Our family thanks you so very much, there are no words to express the thanks for the gratitude, caring and love we get from you all. Once again cannot say enough about living in this lovely caring town of Gold River. Sincerely Angie and Glenn Frame

  • Don Beggs

    Wow ! What a wonderful job our village council has done in revamping the dumpsite. Dumping costs are most fair fair and recckingis encoraged bybeing free. As well, the very competent staff on site are friendly and most helpful.

  • don Beggs

    Bravo fro the Literacy Center and its leadership in creating many programs, and in particular for the people who are trying to revive a print copy of a community newsletter.

  • Margaret

    Happy New Year to a wonderful community we call home! May 2017 bring prosperity to Gold River but for now, I will accept less precipitation, warmer temps and clear dry roads!

  • angie frame

    A BIG SHOUT OUT to our neighbors Chris Hutchinson, Ken Schimunek, and Dylan Kennedy for always keeping our driveway clear of snow and to our nephews Darcy Frame and Regan Merkley for replenishing our firewood supply. Words just cannot express how grateful we are to all of you. Love you guys. Angie and Glenn Frame

  • Jennifer Holbrook

    Big kudos to the doctors and nurses at the Gold River Health Clinic. They were very helpful and supportive following my surgery. We are so very lucky to have these people in our community.

  • Teresa Brown

    My husband and I are new to Gold River and attended the Plaza Canada Day celebrations. To our luck and surprise we were also the grateful recipient to a beautiful carving, crafted by Steve who gifted us the lovely Wood burned Oak ‘Bread Box’ Ironically my husband from Australia has been in the Bakery Business as a machine operator, and we thought it was ideal to have won, and selected such a fitting piece of art, such as Steve’s lovely bread box., Thank you Steve. This gift will be cherished. It is an honour to receive your talented work. Additionally the design and craft was a wonderful creation depicting life in the Pacific North West, Beautiful BC. Our Gold River region. Thanks again from Ron and Teresa. I would love to add a picture of his craft. This link may lead to it. Thanks again. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t34.0-12/19849276_132831397301018_1374778889_n.jpg?oh=d2a21e65b8cc4fa433dfad68340e54c8&oe=595EAEEB

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